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Roomies we're ever so excited to tell you about our BRAND NEW OMB shop! You can now claim more than one super duper cool is that?

All our shop items are super, but some are super duper lol! A hamper and anything more expensive is regarded as super duper!

We've introduced a new system which rewards our members for their hard work! We know there are a few free loaders who abuse our system and don't work that hard. That's why we've brought this new system in! We love our community, we love you guys reading this and we love giving our free bingo members completely free prizes! However, we obviously don't want to give prizes to peeps who come in, don't contribute to the site and leave the second they get a big prize. Also, we can't afford to do that lol. So the system below should stop freeloaders and at the same time allow our lovely regular members to claim more than one big prize.

To be eligible to claim a big prize you have to:

  • Be a OMB Master;
  • Have completed the challenges below; and
  • Claimed at least £10 bingo cash in the last 31 days.

Below is the table which explains the different tiers and what you need to do to get the prizes. So for example, if you're ready to claim the 3rd big prize of your OMB career, you must have claimed £100 worth of bingo cash since you joined (on any bingo site in the list), bought at least 5 Market Monday baskets, have all 5 tea trophies, own a OMB mug, own a OMB mouse mat and coaster set and have at least 25 trophies! It really is that simple LOL!

Big Prize ClaimLifetime Claimed Bingo CashMust complete at least
Bought at least 5 Market Mondays BasketsOwn at least 2 tea trophiesHave all 5 tea trophiesOhMyBingo Window StickerOwn an OhMyBingo MouseMat and Coaster setHave at least 15 trophiesHave at least 20 trophiesHave at least 25 trophiesHave at least 35 trophiesHave at least 45 trophies

Your current progress:

  • Big Prizes Claimed: 0
  • OMB Master: No
  • Claimed £10 bingo cash in last 31 days: £0
  • Lifetime bingo cash claimed: £0
  • Market Monday Baskets: 0
  • Tea Trophies:
  • OhMyBingo Window Sticker: 0
  • OhMyBingo Mousemat & Coasters: 0
  • Total Trophies: 1

So OMB members, the more free bingo you play the more you can shop away! Just make sure you meet the qualification requirements to avoid disappointment!



So join the community today and play at the number 1 FREE BINGO site! Registration only takes a few secs!
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