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Three wishes:
Three wishes: (03/04/2010)
Shaving... (07/08/2010)
The Love Dress
The Love Dress (27/11/2010)
Best Divorce
Best Divorce (27/11/2010)
The Dentist
The Dentist (15/03/2011)
Stages of Drunkeness
Paddy says to Mick -
The Blind Man
The Blind Man (04/09/2011)
Birth Pill
Birth Pill (09/09/2011)
Sperm Count
Sperm Count (10/09/2011)
Paternity Test
Paternity Test (17/09/2011)
Sunbathing (22/09/2011)
Beer Troubleshooting
Daddy How Was I Born?
Taking Samples
Taking Samples (20/11/2011)
Top Ten Men
Top Ten Men (25/11/2011)
Trouble Sleeping
Trouble Sleeping (05/12/2011)
shrink (22/03/2012)
a girls nite out
a girls nite out (18/05/2012)
I Forgot My Glasses
I Forgot My Glasses (11/11/2012)
Men & Women At An ATM

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