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Got my royalty crown at OhMyBingo (01/12/2010)

Got my royalty crown at OhMyBingo
posted by:
Master shazzawyner

Woohoo ive finally got my crown lol never thought i would get there but im going to wear my crown with pride lol.

Ive been a member on here for a while and i think ive done pretty well for my self ive won 2 omb mugs had the maximum of 2 amazon vouchers and now ive got my crown.

So now ive got decisions to make what do i save up for next i wouldnt mind the belgian chocolates (has anyone got these yet? be good to be the 1st lol) and kinda work my way through the list but the camcorder is looking appealing to me aswell as with 3 kids its great to catch there funniest moments on video so you can so embarass them when there older hehe. But the wii looks good aswell as im sure my 3 kids would love it.

So come on OhMyBingo players what you all saving your precious gold coins for and what do you reckon i should go for?

I just hate making decisions all on my own so i do need some help here guys please, all suggestions will be greatfully appreciated.

Good luck with your games and win plenty of gold coins.

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Player Comments

Master tickleikkle
1st Dec 2010
wd shazza xx
Master jules221
1st Dec 2010
well done on joining the elite players ,now your a crown onwer
Master MadamEarwig
1st Dec 2010
well done shazza x
Master XxXlou09XxX
1st Dec 2010
wd shazza x
Master chianty
1st Dec 2010
wd shazza xx
Master shazzawyner
1st Dec 2010
thanx ev1 xxx
Master anigma10
1st Dec 2010
wd:))i'm too impatient to save convert all mine onto bingo sites,yet used all them now,so haven't a clue lol,yet camcorder sounds good,go for it,nice to have so many options though x
Master cagsywagsy
2nd Dec 2010
wd i cant get enough gold but havning fun trying lol
Master LITTLEbigSpider
2nd Dec 2010
great well done shazza :)
Master correy1
2nd Dec 2010
well done
Master rosienanny
2nd Dec 2010
wd hun u wear it well lol
Master ladydabber
7th Dec 2010
Well done you and I wish you many many more wins x gl
Master avy74
10th Dec 2010
i havent been here long,well done on your prizes

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