10 Reasons Why You Should Read OhMyBingo’s Reviews Before Playing

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So, you’ve found your way to OhMyBingo- welcome! You may be wondering, what is OhMyBingo, and how does it benefit me? Well, think of OhMyBingo as your personal assistant in the online bingo world, making your life easier and cutting out some of the legwork to save you time and money.

Who is behind OhMyBingo?

OhMyBingo is run by a team of bingo lovers with more than 20 years of combined experience in the gambling industry. The OhMyBingo team search the web to find UK online bingo, slots, and casino sites. We then test them carefully, noting our findings in our site reviews.

What does OhMyBingo do?

Though they are our specialty, there’s more than just reviews to OhMyBingo. We also work hard to provide current news and interesting articles about different aspects of online gambling, so that our players can stay up to date, informed, and entertained.

OhMyBingo is proud to promote safe and responsible gambling, and we want to make sure every player has access to information on how to keep gambling fun.

While it’s lovely that we have a great time exploring and reviewing sites, the big question is, why exactly should you read our reviews?

If you’re looking for a reason why OhMyBingo is the best thing since sliced bread, we’ve got ten.

1. Find the best online bonus offers

You know what it’s like. You go to look for a new bingo site to join, and it seems like every single one is just screaming the word “BONUS” at you. Bingo tickets, free spins, £5 deposit, £10 deposit… phew. Take the stress out of searching for the best welcome offers; they’re all right here.

We handpick our favourite online bingo, slots, and casino offers, and list them for you to browse easily at your own pace. No need to flit from site to site; just roll down any of our listings pages to see the very best offers.

2. Easily find freebies

Who doesn’t love something for nothing? It can take forever to check every site for free bonus or free bingo; why go to the hassle, when you could see them all in one place? Check the listings pages for free bingo, no deposit bingo, and more free offers.

OhMyBingo’s free bingo listings save you trawling through individual welcome offers, scouting for freebies. It can be even harder to find free and no deposit bingo rooms; sometimes you’ll need to sign up to a site before you can even see what bingo rooms it offers!

Save yourself the trouble and check OhMyBingo first.

3. See new sites ASAP

Ugh, being the last to know sucks. If you like being head of the pack and being the first to find out, you’ll love OhMyBingo’s new site pages. Find new bingo sites, new slot sites, and new casino sites as they launch, and sometimes you can even get ahead of the curve by getting a tip-off on sites that haven’t even launched yet!

Being quick on the draw with a new site means not only that you’ll get in before other players, but if a site hasn’t launched yet, you’ll be able to see any available mailing list offers by signing up before the site goes live.

Being one of the first to experience a shiny new site is a great feeling, and you can easily see any boosted launch promotions and welcome offers that sites may be offering. Avoid the bingo FOMO (that’s Fear of Missing Out, if you’re new to bingo chat language), and find out about new sites quicker with OhMyBingo.

4. Compare offers quickly

See what each site is offering as a first deposit bonus with just a glance, rather than having to visit each site individually! It’s so much easier to make sure you’re getting the right welcome offer when you can see them side by side. Whether you love bingo bonus, free spins, or no wagering, you’ll be able to compare and choose your perfect package.

Spot any no deposit freebies straight away, without having to crawl through a site, and easily see what kind of promotions the site is likely to offer.

5. Stay safe

The most important thing to remember when gambling online or offline, is that gambling should first and foremost be fun, not dangerous. Responsible and safe gambling is very important, but to some people, it may not be clear what exactly that means.

OhMyBingo provides an in-depth guide to recognising and seeking help for problem gambling, as well as general information on responsible gambling. We are committed to advocating for responsible gambling, and we also promote BeGambleAware.org and GamCare to help every player stay safe and find any support they may need.

6. Get important information

Sometimes, the information you need is buried deep in the T&Cs pages of a bingo site, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find what you need. OhMyBingo lists helpful information about each site, including their telephone number, email address, and licensing information.

We list which payment methods are available, as well as the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, so if you’re looking for a bingo site which accepts PayPal, you need look no further than our reviews.

Our reviews also detail what customer support is available for players on the site, including opening times, so help is never far away.

7. Find sites that specialise in the games you want

Whether you love bingo, slots, or casino, you’ll have the best gaming experience on a site that knows what it’s doing and loves your game. If casino games are your thing, a dedicated casino site will provide far more choice and quantity of casino games, as well as likely having more promotions tailored to your favourite games.

On OhMyBingo, sites are divided up into categories by the games they focus on, so whether bingo, slots, or casino, you can easily find the kind of games you’re looking for. These groups do overlap somewhat, so if you’re a slots lover who likes a flutter on bingo, there are sites for that too!

Find out exactly what games a site offers in the Games section of its review.

8. Browse by network

Love a particular site, but want something new? You can usually find other sites similar to the one you’re on by searching for others on the same network. If there’s a particular welcome offer or games catalogue you really like, check out the sister sites to see which others are offering the same things.

Alternatively, if you just can’t get on with a particular network, you can see which sites are part of it and you can choose something else.

9. Avoid scam sites

Everyone’s worst nightmare- you sign up to a new bingo site, only to realise it’s an unlicensed clip joint that grabs your money and fixes their machines so you’ll never win. Avoid this becoming a reality by choosing your next bingo or slots site through OhMyBingo.

We check that sites are licenced, and we don’t list any site that we don’t recommend.

10. Reviews for insight

When you join a new online bingo or slots site, it’s hard to know what it will be like just from looking at the homepage. At OhMyBingo, we sign up and explore online bingo, slots, and casino sites to give you the best idea we can of what it’s really like to be a member at that site.

We explore the lobby, look for important information, and try out the games. We check our inbox for email promotions, and we try the site out on mobile to see how it compares. We even contact the customer support team with a query to see what kind of service they provide!

In short, we poke around every corner of the site so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you join. We aim to give you as much info as possible to make a choice that will leave you happy with your new site.

Articles for more knowledge

There is so much to explore and understand when it comes to online gambling. Sure, you can just log onto a site and play, but have you ever wondered how online slots work, or what Slingo is? OhMyBingo has created a series of articles to let you get even more out of online bingo, slots, and casino.

Some articles are easy-to-read guides to help explain complicated terminology like wagering requirements or the different kinds of bingo.

Other articles explore new and exciting sides of bingo, like what the future of bingo could look like, and our experience of Bongo’s Bingo.

Some articles are informative, like what to do if you’re worried about gambling addiction, and how to deal with sites asking for documents like Source of Funds.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find plenty to explore and enjoy in OhMyBingo’s articles collection.


OhMyBingo works to provide you, the player, the best deals and offers in the UK online bingo, slots, and casino markets. We do this by gathering deals, key information, and in-depth reviews of all the best sites, and delivering them to you in easy-to-browse listings pages.

There are tonnes of benefits to going through OhMyBingo for your next bingo site, including:

  • Saving time and money

  • Going into a new site with a head start

  • Learning even more about the online gambling world

Explore OhMyBingo’s reviews, articles, news, and more to enhance your online gambling experience and stay safe and entertained while playing.