A Short Description Of Mecca Bingo Online

Added 2011-01-21 10:08:45

The history of the game of bingo goes back to the beginning of the 16th century when it was the first form of a lottery in mediaeval Italy. The name “bingo” referring to the game per se was first recorded in the United Kingdom, most probably in the 18th century. The emergence of the Internet during the 1990s meant moving the game out of the traditional clubs it used to be played in to the virtual bingo rooms. Mecca bingo, one of the oldest bingo companies established in 1961 moved to this market almost instantly while still owning traditional real-life bingo clubs.

This has been a great improvement to the game. Online mecca bingo now offers eleven bingo rooms, each with its own unique features, designs, number of bingo balls and most importantly unique community jackpots.  With such a great variety of options it is not surprising that the number of customer visits to mecca bingo is 15,4 million per year. This is more than a population of a moderate-sized European country which is impressive indeed.

A lot of these virtual mecca bingo rooms are based on the popular British TV-shows. For example, Blockbusters Bingo is based on the popular 80-s trivia quiz show, in which a single player competes against two other contestants on the famous honeycomb game-board. Deal or no Deal bingo is based on the TV-show of the same name. The virtual playing room is designed in the same way as the TV-show studio and its main feature is that every bingo ball has an associated box which is eliminated from the prize board when called. Britain's Got Talent bingo in its turn is based on the world-known TV-show of the same name and features the possibility to win up to six cash prizes.

Some of the mecca bingo rooms use other board game references. Snakes and Ladders bingo room uses the legendary classic children's board game design and offers its players an opportunity to still quit with a cash prize even having a popular situation of one-to-go at the end of the game. The Joker Jackpot room in its turn offers the possibility to play with the cards rather than with the regular bingo balls.

Other mecca bingo rooms are more standard. Players might participate in the standard 90-ball, 75-ball or Cashline 80-ball bingo. Special attention should be given to the Last Chance Saloon virtual room. It is a free bonus game for every player who missed a big win in the room he or she had previously played. In such a manner a player is more likely to win while playing mecca bingo online than while going to a regular local real-life bingo hall.

Bingo can be a wonderful opportunity to relax after a long working day or during the weekend.   Mecca bingo online, being one of the largest UK companies in the business, is very likely to satisfy even a very sophisticated player. Playing online might not provide the same level of socializing as a regular bingo hall but it has its own major advantages.