Advantages Of Signing Up To Prime Bingo

Added 2011-01-05 10:44:58

Prime Bingo is an online bingo site that is set to launch within the next few months. The site is being developed by Prime Gaming, which has an existing range of Prime sites for poker, scratchcards, backgammon and even an online casino. Prime Bingo will mark the company’s entrance into the world of online bingo.

The software for the site will be provided by Dragonfish, which has already done so for other successful bingo sites such as Bingo Hollywood, Tasty Bingo, Posh Bingo, Cost Bingo, Moon Bingo and Wink Bingo. This, combined with Prime’s existing experience in online gaming, is expected to make for a popular site that will be attuned to the needs of avid and beginner players alike. It has also been confirmed that Prime Bingo will be a stand-alone site, meaning that its lobby and bingo rooms will be of its own design, in news which also increases the likelihood of unique and exciting promotions.

The features provided by Dragonfish to the new site will include will include full technology services such as back office and platform integration, in addition to the provision of chat moderators, ePayments systems, hosting and customer support. A range of Quickplay instant format games such as blackjack, slots, scratch cards and virtual sport are also set to be provided.

Another expected feature of the site is a range of daily free bingo games, given that they already exist on every other bingo site to be powered by Dragonfish.  It is also expected that the Dragonfish software will be able to support table games, mini slots and super progressive slots with bonus features. Such features make it easier for online bingo players to play bingo and other games with their friends and chat at the same time. A wide range of bingo sites have opened recently, offering daily free jackpots, weekly jackpots and one month only jackpots on the last Friday of each month, making it more likely that the same will be offered by Prime Bingo.

It is not yet known whether the free bingo games offered by the site will be available for non-funded members and will therefore act as no deposit games, as presently happens on the Bingo Hollywood site.

The other sites offered by Prime, however, such as Prime Scratch Cards and Bingo Yard, have concentrated on both no deposit offers and generous offers to users signing up for the first time. Having said that, a wide range of other Dragonfish bingo sites have recently opened, and there is not yet a single one that offers no deposit bingo. These sites, such as Bingo Hollywood, Tasty Bingo, Costa Bingo and Red Bus Bingo, have all opted to launch only with a generous deposit offer, which suggests that Prime Bingo may be set to do the same.

Given Prime’s profile and reputation, it is thought that a TV campaign will be released to accompany the launch of, which would mirror the strategies adopted by a range of other recently successful bingo sites. The design process of the upcoming Prime Bingo site is still underway, with no official screenshots having yet been released.