Costa Bingo Takes the Sting Out of Calculating Bonuses

Added 2011-04-12 11:29:52

One of the things about online bingo sites is that they have been responsible for bringing many people onto the Internet. It is easy to see that a lot of bingo players will have heard their friends talk about the benefits of playing online bingo and decided to give it a try themselves. Not everyone is confident on computers so there are likely to be a lot of players using online bingo sites that need a bit of assistance when it comes to getting involved. There are a number of online bingo sites that are aimed at the novice player and Costa Bingo is definitely one of these sites.

Costa Bingo provides a very bright and welcoming introduction for any player that is new to bingo. Big chunky cartoon graphics help make everyone feel at home and there are plenty of tips and instructions on how to join up. There is nothing difficult about bingo, which is a major reason why it is so popular but getting signed up may worry a few players. Thankfully, most bingo sites are aware that there is a chance that their players will not have much online experience and try to simplify things as much as possible.

One of the first areas of confusion that many online bingo players will experience is with the sign-up bonus. Some sites make these bonuses seem very enticing but when you actually sign up, the bonus received seems disappointing compared to what you were expecting to get. Some sites are trying to take the difficulty out of calculating the bonus due and Costa Bingo provides a bonus calculator to help players determine how much money they should be getting for free. This is a very nice touch which takes a lot of the difficulty out of this situation for a player and will also save any embarrassment.

Although the standard cash jackpot prize is still the prize associated with online bingo sites, there are a wider range of prizes being made available. The opportunity to win a holiday of a lifetime is becoming more common on bingo sites and Costa Bingo is involved in this craze. This sort of prize could bring a better benefit to many winners because they may have a lot of responsibilities that would see them split any cash prize between friends and family members but the holiday would allow them to get a well-deserved break. In many instances, some bingo players would prefer to win a holiday than a big cash prize.

There are many sites offering free bingo games and many of these have cash prizes available for the winner. These cash prizes are not going to be huge but they can be a great bonus for any online player. This is definitely the case with Costa Bingo as well as other bingo sites, which are reaping the benefit of letting players play for free. There is a definite bonus for a bingo site in providing these free games as this is what will bring the punters rolling in.