If You Have Free Time, Play Free Bingo Online

Added 2011-04-12 11:38:09

If you ask yourself what can unite people of all nationalities and age categories, then the game called ‘Bingo’ can be one of possible answers. No matter whether it is free Bingo played on the web or traditional Bingo played in Bingo halls, it is popular all over the world. If you are interested in the history of the game you can get acquainted with some facts.

According to some sources Bingo was already played as early as in 1530 in Italy and was a form of lottery. Later the game moved to France and Germany and children were encouraged to play it to learn mathematics, history and spelling. Educational lotto is still popular and children learn to count playing it. The most typical variation of present-day free Bingo appeared in the United States and was introduced by Edwin S. Lowe. He was at a local country carnival, and when it was late in the evening all booths closed but one still worked and was full of enthusiastic people. What kept them awake was Beano, a game played with cards and wooden disks. It involved a group of players and a pitchman who pulled out wooden disks from a bag and announced numbers inscribed on them. The task of players was to mark coinciding numbers with beans, and the one who was the first to have a whole row of numbers going vertically, horizontally or diagonally was held the winner and could receive a prize.

Nowadays, people enjoy playing free Bingo for fun and the winners are not necessarily awarded with prizes. The game is known as Bingo thanks to one player who was so excited about the victory that yelled ‘Bingo’ instead of Beano. Coming back to the original game, it should be pointed out that the popularity of the game grew so rapidly that soon there could be more than one winner of the round. It became necessary to make more cards with more varied number combinations so that numbers could not repeat. Lowe became a professor of mathematics and ordered 6,000 Bingo cards.

Bingo continued to expand. It crossed state borders and came to other countries. Now, free Bingo is even present on the Internet. When your business schedule and those of your friends don’t coincide it might be problematic to find time for your favourite game. In this case online Bingo might be a way out for you. You can play it any time you wish and what is more important, you can play with several cards. It significantly increases your chances to win and, in comparison with traditional Bingo, you shouldn’t worry that you might miss a number. The system has a tracking device which automatically marks coincided numbers. Also, it can be emphasised that while in some Bingo halls you might be asked to pay to play all games, the Internet gives you a chance to play free Bingo.

It is always good to have some rest after a hard working day. You can watch TV, read an interesting book, go out with your friends or invite them to your place and play Bingo together. And don’t forget about one more opportunity to enjoy this game. If you don’t have time for going anywhere, just play it online.