More About Playing Online Bingo With Think Bingo

Added 2011-01-05 10:47:14

Those who are looking for a good online bingo site will have several key priorities. One of the first will be to find a site that is easy to sign up to and navigate, while many will also expect the best online bingo site to provide a high level of customer service. The very best of them go even further than that, offering a wide variety of opportunities to win, including regular promotions to ensure that their members are never bored.

Think Bingo was the first online bingo site to launch in the UK, back in August 2004. The website won Site of the Year for 2007, and is renowned for its high standard of customer support.

Reasons to sign up at Think Bingo

Think Bingo makes for a great choice of bingo site right from the very start of the sign-up process – it is easy to register and the whole process only takes a few minutes.  The site also has a generosity to match its rivals, as it offers a £20 free play with a user’s first £10 deposit. Users also get 50% extra with all of their future deposits.

The Think Bingo site offers a wide range of games. These include 75 ball games such as Think Good Friends and True Thinkers, as well as 90 ball games such as 90 Nights and Forum Thoughts. They also run various tempting promotions such as Happy Mondays, Chocco Lotto Tuesdays, Party Fridays, Saturday Stash, Team Bingo, VIPs and Snowball Sunday (which involves guaranteed £2000 jackpots from 6pm, followed by a 9 pm £1000 jackpot).

The site has a guaranteed jackpot of £20,000 each week. Users earn Think Points whenever they play Think Bingo games, which can be redeemed for Think Bingo cards. Users receive £1 in their account once they have reached 1,000 Think Points, and receive 5000 Points each time they invite a friend to register on the site who goes on to make a deposit. They also receive 1 Point for a 10p card purchase, 2 Points for a 25p card, and 5 Points for a £1 card.Various charities are supported by the site, to which it donates on the behalf of each user every week.

A thriving community of online bingo players

Keeping players coming back time and time again is the active Think Bingo Forum, which was also the first online bingo forum in the UK.  Although it can only be accessed subject to strict criteria, the persistent user is rewarded with bingo competitions that are exclusive to that part of the site. The Forum is also a popular stopping point for more general discussion.

Users and review sites alike have singled out for praise for what has widely come to be regarded as the best VIP and loyalty scheme in the UK. It is possible for users who are members of the forum to apply to become a VIP, and once they have achieved that status, they earn cash back every month depending on how long they’ve been signed up to the site, as well as how often they play.