Play Bingo For Fun At Home Or Online

Added 2011-04-12 11:46:18

If you are going to have a party and thinking about how to entertain your guests you can suggest playing free Bingo to them. Usually, Bingo is not about winning and getting a prize but about spending time and having fun together. Yet in some Bingo incarnations people play it for an award which can be further transmitted for some good case.

You can start exploring this game from its name which goes back to the original variant of Bingo. Once it was played with beans and stones and winners used to cry out ‘Beans go!’ which turned into the word ‘Bingo’. The game was played with cards with squares and numbers on them and beans. Bingo involved players and a caller who had a bag with numbered discs. The task of the caller was to draw a random disc with a number and players were supposed to mark the corresponding number on their cards with a bean. The randomness is still the essence of free Bingo which is played nowadays. The winner was the player who had a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of numbers coinciding with those announced by the caller. Some authors claim that Bingo has its origins in Italian lotteries as the way it is played is quite similar to that of lotteries which were popular in Italy in the 16th century. Some researchers connect the appearance of present day Bingo with Edwin Lowe who was the first to introduce Bingo in the United States. According to them, he came across a booth where the game was played at one carnival and became so excited about the game that decided to borrow the idea. Yet instead of the word ‘Bingo’ used in free Bingo now players were shouting ‘Beano’ and it was by accident that one player said ‘Bingo’.

The mode of the game and its rules did not change much since the days when Bingo was played with beans. There are still cards with numbers printed on them and a person announcing a winning number. It is a table game played by a group of people and it is difficult to define its time limits. Some Bingo sessions can take hours and even days as excited players cannot force themselves to withdraw from the game. Players are supposed to buy sealed cards which traditionally can have 75 random numbers. The main objective of free Bingo players is to cross out a row of numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Now, you don’t have to go to a Bingo hall to enjoy this game as Bingo comes as an online variation too. You need to register as a player at a website where Bingo is played and then you are automatically given a card with numbers. Yet you can have several cards at once if you want to increase your chances to win. You should be attentive about numbers which are called out and mark corresponding numbers on your card though there are electronic variants of the game which can do it for you. So, you can play free Bingo for fun either with your friends or just join a Bingo community on the web and play it with random players. The essence of the game does not change much whether you play it online or have its paper version.