Play Free Bingo Online And Make New Friends

Added 2011-04-12 11:56:20

Bingo has long been played by people of different ages. First it was played by hand with players using dried kernels of corn to cover spaces on cardboard sheets. It was very inconvenient as they had to keep track of multiple cards at once and daubing all those cards could get bingo enthusiasts cross-eyed. But recently bingo has gone through its technological revolution and now it’s possible to play free bingo online without having to go to a bingo hall. Online bingo allows people of all ages to play the game at home or office whenever they have free time or feel like it.

All players need to do is establish an Internet connection on their computers or laptops and choose a suitable bingo site. The best part of playing bingo online is that it’s absolutely free as well as very versatile with great offers provided to its players. Playing free bingo can be very easy:  players have to match the numbers on the game cards with the numbers drawn on their computers and if their numbers match patterns chosen before the game, then they can win the game. One more reason why players love bingo sites is that they provide a complete 24-hour customer support. It enables users to ask as many questions as they want by calling toll free numbers and get their queries solved in no time.

In addition, online bingo allows players to talk to other bingo enthusiasts and helps them earn a lot of bonuses and extra credits. Chat rooms enable players to make new friends and communities online and widen their interaction circles. Most bingo comparison sites have their own loyalty schemes. Thus, players can earn their points by contributing to these sites and then use them to play a free bingo game. Points can be earned through a number of ways like signing up to a site, referring a friend to a site, rating and reviewing bingo sites, sharing recipes, writing jokes, making comments, winning chat games and many others. Some of the sites even introduce a variety of real-life prizes including chocolates, champagne as well as iPods, iPhones, etc.

When playing regular bingo, players put in cash and play for cash. But free bingo is slightly different. Here players put in points and win coins: bronze, silver or gold. It’s played just like regular 90 ball bingo with one line, two line and three line winners winning coins. Jackpots are of varying amounts of bronze, silver and gold coins depending on the number of players in the game and the number of tickets purchased. Coins can later be exchanged for various interesting things or converted into bingo cash at some top UK bingo sites. Gold coins are the hardest to collect but they provide the best rewards. They can be used to redeem money-can't-buy branded merchandise or exclusive prize draws.

On the whole, those who are alone at home or are forced to spend a weekend alone with no friends around can make use of playing free bingo online. All they have to do is just log in and become a member of a bingo site. With online bingo players get connected to lots of other members thanks to chat rooms where they can make friends and play the game at the same time.