Reasons To Join Bingo Scotland

Added 2011-01-05 10:48:05

When the time comes to look for an online bingo site, whether you are a beginner or are a more seasoned player simply seeking new thrills and winning opportunities, there are several key priorities that you will have. You will want to find a site that has a straightforward sign-up process, that is easy to navigate, has a hospitable atmosphere and most importantly of all, that offers plenty of opportunities to win.

Why sign up to Bingo Scotland?

Bingo Scotland, which is part of the respected Think Bingo group of bingo websites, was launched five years ago, and since then has grown to become the biggest provider of online bingo in Scotland. Although takes pride in its status as the ultimate place for Scots to play bingo online, and maintains a distinctly Scottish spirit, it does in fact have a wide range of users signed up from the length and breadth of the UK, and welcomes new non-Scots with open arms.

There are several key benefits to signing up to Bingo Scotland. It is easy to sign up to the site, is simple to navigate once users have logged in, and is highly rated by users and review sites alike for its high standard of customer service. The site also accepts a wide range of payment methods. However, the biggest reasons to join the site are of course, the fun and the potential winnings. Around £80,000 is won on the site each day. New sign-ups receive a £30 free play, meaning that if they make a first deposit of £10, £40 will immediately appear in their account. Games on the site include Hot Scots, Weekend Warmup, TV Treat and Saturday Sizzler, while the site is especially renowned for its vast range of special offers.

There is an assortment of non-cash prizes on offer, such as all-in-one printers, laptops and flat screen TVs, and popular promos include Chotto Lotto, in which players pick numbers each week as they compete to win some luxury chocolates. Another popular promo is Coverall Peak, which involves a minimum of £500 being paid out once the peak of £10,000 is hit, with additional special offers including Party Thursdays and Fab Fridays. An active online community

Another advantage of choosing to play online bingo at Bingo Scotland is that the site has set up a renowned online community. This partly consists of an online chat room that is accessible to new and more established users alike.

For a bit more exclusivity, however, users can head to the website’s forum, which is known as the Bingo Scot forum. This is a place that can only be signed up to, and accessed by, more established players, and as such provides a spot for users to relax between games and discuss whatever subject crosses their minds, from family and TV shows to sport and more fiercely debated issues.

The forum is also a source of something which is a speciality of Bingo Scotland – the kind of special offers, competitions and giveaways which cannot be accessed anywhere else.