Reasons To Play Online Bingo At Think Bingo

Added 2011-01-05 10:39:07

Think Bingo was the first online bingo site to be set up in the UK back in August 2004. The site also won Site of the Year for 2007.

When a £10 deposit is made by a new Think Bingo user, they are offered a £20 free play. The bonus cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can be used to buy bingo tickets.  A customer is allowed only one account each, and only one £20 bonus will be received.

Funds that users receive through deposits or winnings may be withdrawn from Think Bingo at any time as soon as the withdrawal is no less than £30. Players who choose to withdraw any deposit before they have wagered £20 will forfeit the bonus on that deposit.

The site’s range of UK bingo CMs is award winning, and games include the 75 Ball Thinking Newbies, True Thinkers and Thursday Thriller, in addition to the 90 Ball 90 Nights, Movie Madness and Saturday Cash.

Think Bingo also has 1TG and 2TG games. Users just need to look out for the special 1TG or 2TG symbols on the outside of the game rooms to get the chance to see the range of rewards on offer if they hit 1TG or 2TG. These games also offer the opportunity to win cash or Think Points, more information on which is given below.

The site has a wide range of promotions or incentives. These include guaranteed jackpots of £10,000 a week, guaranteed £2000 jackpots from 6pm on Snowday Sundays, £3000 in guaranteed jackpots from 1pm as part of Saturday Stash, 10% cash back on Think Points for Instant Play on Tuesdays and 24/7 chat games.

Think Bingo players earn Think Points, which they can cash in for Think Bingo cards. Users have £1 added to their account if they reach 1,000 Think Points. Purchasing a 10p card yields one Think Point, a 25p card two points, a 50p card 5 points and a £1 card, ten points. A user who introduces a friend to the site who then goes on to make a deposit will earn 5000 points.

Another reason to choose Think Bingo for games is for the thriving community of bingo players that it offers. The site’s Forum was the first forum of its type in the UK. There are strict criteria for entry. However, those who do access the Forum are rewarded with forum-only bingo competitions, as well as the opportunity to chat about a wide range of issues such as current affairs, sport, horoscopes and more.

Those who have already become forum members can apply to become a VIP, which is a status perhaps harder-earned by users of Think Bingo than those of alternative online bingo sites. Depending on how frequently they play and how established a member of the site they are, VIP players earn cash back each month. also supports various charities and donates on the behalf of each user every week, as well as priding itself on a high standard of customer support.