The Main Types Of A Bingo Bonus

Added 2011-05-05 11:13:56

Bingo is an exciting game, loved and indulged by millions of people across the globe. For centuries bingo has been a low-cost way of recreation for both men and women. Today bingo is even more popular. The possibility to play bingo online has united players all over the world.

Popular bingo sites offer different kinds of bingo bonuses. They are designed to attract new bingo sign-ups and encourage ‘real money’ players to continue making subsequent deposits. Apparently, the growing popularity of online bingo shows that this smart marketing tool is really working. There are three main types of a bingo bonus, which include free bingo bonuses, sign-up deposit bonuses and second deposit bonuses.

1. Free bingo bonusesThis kind of bonus is offered by free bingo sites as a welcome bonus. Bingo players receive a certain amount at registration. It’s really useful for the newcomers who want to rsearch the site and play different bingo games to pick the ones they like. The players have an opportunity to play bingo for free and win real cash. Some bingo sites offer free bingo cards. As a rule, the players receive five to twenty cards that can be used to play free bingo games. The rules for cashing out after a free bonus are usually more restrictive than after a deposit bingo bonus. The rules vary from site to site, so the players have to consider everything before making the final decision concerning the sites, the games and the bonuses.

2. Sign-up deposit bingo bonusesThe sign-up deposit bingo bonus is really popular with the bingo players. It gives a possibility to double and even triple the player’s money. For instance, if the player deposits £30, then he or she receives a 100% match bonus. That means that the player has £60 to play (£30 as a deposit and £30 as a bonus).

3. Second deposit bingo bonuses

A lot of bingo websites offer bonuses for players that make subsequent deposits. They are similar to the sign-up bingo bonus and range from 50% to 300%. This kind of bonuses is a great marketing tool for encouraging players to continue depositing. There are some bingo sites that increase the match deposit bonus for each additional or larger deposit made. They are given as loyalty rewards to thank the players for choosing this particular bingo site. It’s highly recommended to research all kinds of bonuses offered at different bingo sites. If matched by a good bonus, a relatively small deposit can give players a substantial sum to play different bingo games.

Bingo is a fascinating game that unites more and more people every day. Men and women can play bingo for free and still win prizes. Modern bingo sites offer different kinds of bonuses that not only encourage the players to choose a certain site and make deposits, but also thank them for loyalty. The main types include free bingo bonuses, sign-up deposit bonuses and second deposit bonuses. The first type offers cash or free bingo cards at registration. The second one offers a match bingo bonus after making a deposit. And the third one offers bonuses for subsequent deposits.