What Is Slingo?

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Perhaps you’ve seen Slingo cropping up on your favourite bingo and slots sites, or maybe a friend has raved about it and you want to know what all the fuss is about? You’re in the right place- this is your ultimate guide to all things Slingo!

In the simplest terms, Slingo is a game that’s like a cross between slots and bingo. Makes sense, right? If you think that sounds like a magic combo, you’d be right. The game was first developed way back in 1994, but since Gaming Realms bought the rights to it in 2015, it has exploded onto the online bingo and slots scene in a burst of popularity.

Slingo is loved by tonnes of online bingo and slots players, and it’s not hard to see why. The control it gives players makes for an engaging and exciting game, and with so many different versions of Slingo available, it suits high rollers, penny flutterers, TV-addicts, and hardcore game-lovers alike. It takes the fast-paced thrill of slots, mixes in the fun and participation of bingo, and then throws some exciting bonus features on top!

Lots of people are fascinated by the idea of Slingo but feel intimidated because they don’t know how it works. In reality, basic Slingo is incredibly simple and easy to play- we think it’s even easier than bingo! Once you’ve got the hang of it, there are loads of variations on the basic game that add even more levels of fun.

Basic Slingo Gameplay

First thing’s first, what does Slingo look like when you start a game?

The Basic Grid

Slingo is built on a 5x5 grid filled with numbers, and just like Swedish Bingo, there’s no blank space. There are five reels across the bottom, and you have a hopper of balls on the right. The number of balls you get varies between different versions, and these balls represent the number of “spins” you have to play with.


When you start a game, choose your initial bet amount on the left. Different versions of Slingo will have higher/lower minimum and maximum bet amounts, so find one that suits you. It’s crucial to note that with Slingo, you’ll get the option to “buy” more spins later on in the game, so make sure you don’t max yourself out on your initial bet.


Most Slingo games work on a one click, one spin setup, just like slots. That means that you click to start each of your spins, and the game will wait for you to start the next one. There are a few Slingo variants where you just click to start the game, and the spins run through automatically.

Once you start your go, the reels will spin, and numbers will come out. If you match any of those numbers in your grid, they’ll be covered, just like bingo. There are a few special symbols that might come out too- more on those later.


If you cover five numbers in a row, this is called a “Slingo”! It’s just like a line in bingo. These lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal from the corners. If you cover a number that makes two full lines at once, this is called a “Double Slingo”.

Special Symbols

As well as numbers, you might get some special symbols popping up on the reels! Here’s what they mean…

Psst… get three or more jokers (including super jokers) in one spin, and you’ll get a Joker Bonus added to your winnings!

End of the Game

You’ve played your spins, and now you’ve run out of balls. And you were so close to another Slingo… well, that’s where Slingo really gets good! When you run out of spins, you’re given two options- claim what you’ve won so far and end the game, or continue playing. If you continue playing, you’ll be able to buy more spins one at a time.

The closer you are to another Slingo or a bigger prize, the more expensive these extra spins will be, and be careful, because they can get very pricey. Even if your initial buy-in was only £1, if you’re close to a full house when your spins run out, you might find yourself being offered extra spins for upwards of £100 each- yikes!

Of course, you can cash out at any time once your initial spins have run out, so if the extra spins are expensive, you can choose whether or not to take them. Just be careful not to overspend- it’s easily done if you’re tempted to reach for that next Slingo!

You can claim your winnings to end the game, or if you’re only offered a few extra spins (most games offer between 4 and 6, though some are unlimited), when these run out the game will end.

Slingo Variants

Once you’ve got the hang of how basic Slingo works, there is a whole world of different Slingo games to explore! Some are branded to your favourite games or TV shows, others ramp up the speed, and some offer variations on what you can win!

Slingo Riches

This is what we’d call “basic Slingo”. It’s straightforward, and a great place to start if you’re new to Slingo.

Gameplay is exactly as described above; you start with 11 balls, and play is click-per-spin, so you control the pace. Once your spins are used up, you’ll get the chance to buy up to four more, minus any free spins you’ve already got.

Slingo Extreme

Want to push things up a gear? Slingo Extreme might be for you. Once you click “start”, the game will spin automatically for you, only stopping to let you select which tiles to cover when you get a joker.

At the end, you’ll get the option to buy up to 8 extra balls (minus any free spins you’ve had), but beware- they might be expensive.

Slingo XXXtreme

Woah, things just got fiery! Not for the faint-hearted, this ultimate-thrills variation gives you 11 balls to start, and it spins through them automatically for you stopping only for jokers.

Once you get to the end of your spins, you’ll get access to unlimited extra spins, but take care- the cost per spin will increase dramatically as you get close to a bigger win.

You’ll only start earning winnings when you’ve got 4 or more Slingos, but the big prizes are seriously hefty.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Branded after the popular Irish slot game, the artwork here will be very familiar to a lot of you!

Start with 10 spins, and at the end, you can get unlimited extra spins. You have to reach 5 Slingos in order to win anything, and if you do, you’ll win a bonus round (more Slingos = better bonus round).

The bonus round will decide your multiplier, for example, 10x. Your win is your original stake (not your final stake after extra balls) multiplied by this.

Slingo Carnival

This circus-themed version follows the same mechanic as the Rainbow Riches version; start with 10 spins, unlimited rebuys, and click-per-spin.

Reach 5 Slingos for a win- this will be a bonus round which decides how much your win will be.

The bonus round will result in a multiplier being awarded- you’ll win the multiplier times your original stake, not your final stake.

Slingo Showdown

Slingo’s yee-haw cousin! This game uses playing cards rather than numbers, a bit like Flash Fives compared to regular bingo. You get 10 spins (or deals) to start with.

You start off your win amount by matching poker hands in the cards that you’re dealt, and then the win amount is multiplied when you get Slingos. This does mean that if you don’t get any poker hands, you don’t win anything, regardless of how many Slingos you’ve got.

Slingo Reveal

This version of Slingo is a little different- it’s like a scratch card!

You’ll get 9 spins to begin with, and they run automatically once you click start. Unlike most other versions, the jokers are assigned automatically, making the game go quicker.

When a Slingo is made, the symbol at the end of the line is uncovered like a scratch card. During the game, match 3 symbols to win! There are unlimited extra spins, but as always, be careful to watch that budget.

Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

This gameshow-branded version uses a scratch card mechanic, like Slingo Reveal.

You get 9 spins to start, and this version is click-to-spin. Jokers are assigned automatically, and there are unlimited extra spins available if you want to keep playing after yours run out.

When you get a Slingo, the symbol at the end of the line is uncovered like a scratch card. Match 3 symbols to win a prize!

Deal or No Deal Slingo

The hit TV show comes to Slingo! Choose a box- this is yours for the game and has a mystery prize amount in it. Then you’ll get 10 spins to match number boxes on the board. Like the gameshow, as you match numbers, the boxes will open to remove one of the prize amounts on the board.

When you reach 4 Slingos, the Banker will call and make you an offer! Will you take his offer, turn it down and keep playing, or open your box to claim what’s inside? The choice is yours!

Slingo Fortunes

Using the same mechanic as Deal or No Deal, choose your lucky envelope to get started.

Use your 10 spins to match up number envelopes and take prize amounts off the board to help you narrow down what’s in your envelope.

When you get 4 Slingos, you’ll get an offer- will you take it or gamble for a bigger prize? Take the offer, open your envelope, or keep playing… There are unlimited extra spins available to purchase, so you’re in control of when you walk away.

Love Island Slingo

Oy oy cheeky! This beachy Slingo game is just like the basic Slingo Riches version, only branded to the wildly popular TV show, Love Island!

You’ll start with 11 balls, click to spin, and get beachballs instead of joker symbols. The only difference is, you'll be trying to match up Slingos, rather than fake-tanned couples!

When you reach the end of your spins, you can buy up to 6 more, minus any free spins you had. Sounds good on paper, right?

The Chase Slingo

Sadly, there’s no Bradley Walsh, but this game still has all the excitement of The Chase!

Just like basic Slingo Riches, you’ll start with 11 balls, and get the option to buy up to 4 extra spins at the end, minus any free spins you had. Click to spin, and choose which tiles you want to cover when you land a joker icon. Nice and simple; now let the chase begin!

Slingo X Factor

Have you got the X Factor? Step up in front of the judges and get ready to play! Singing while you spin is not required, but by all means, go for it…

When you’ve used up your initial 11 spins, you can buy up to 4 more, and click-to-spin play means the game doesn’t go too fast.

If you get a special X Factor icon in your spin, it’ll be recorded on the right-hand side- get enough of these, and you’ll get a bonus!

Slingo BGT

Britain’s Got Talent, but has it got Slingo? It has now!

This simple variation on the game is just like basic Slingo Riches, branded up with the glitz and glamour of the hit talent show!

Use your 11 spins to match Slingos for a win, and buy up to 4 more at the end if you want to keep the game going a little longer. Will Slingo BGT get your gold buzzer?

Slingo Reel Riches

A bit different from the other Slingo games, Slingo Reel Riches is simply a 5-reel slot. Spin and match pay lines for a win!

Look out for the Wild coins symbol- it replaces all symbols except the Slingo “O”, and doubles any line win you might get with it!

Slingo Reel Extreme

Like Slingo Reel Riches, this is a 5-reel slot game. In the Extreme version, your bet gets you 5 spins at a time, and they run one after another.

If you get the bonus symbol (the Slingo “O”), it is marked above that column. If you choose to “respin” rather than start a new game, these bonus symbols stay recorded.

Get 3 or more bonus symbols recorded for a bonus round! The recorded bonus symbols are then cleared.

To sum up…

Slingo, with its mix of active engagement and high-energy fun, is beloved by players of bingo and slots alike, and it’s easy to see why!

It’s popular for the control it gives to the player- letting you choose which tiles to cover when you get a joker, and giving you the option to buy extra spins if you were close to a win. Versions like Deal or No Deal Slingo give even more control to the player by letting you decide whether to take the Banker’s offer, keep playing, or take the mystery prize in your own box. The power is in your hands!

There are simply stacks of different versions, so whether you want high-speed, high-stakes action like Slingo XXXtreme, or scratch card fun with Slingo Reveal, there’s tonnes of different features and game styles to explore.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a look into the world of Slingo, and perhaps even tempted you to give it a go! The basic version is so easy to play, and the variations can be quickly picked up too.

If you’re hankering for a go, check out our Online Bingo Reviews, Online Slot Site Reviews, and Online Casino Reviews to read up on which sites have Slingo games as part of their games catalogue! Are you ready? Slingo-go-go!