What’s the Best Loyalty Scheme?

Added 2019-03-01 11:23:00

Wouldn’t it be boring if all sites had the same loyalty scheme? Imagine, just the same rewards across every single site… zzz. Luckily, loyalty schemes vary hugely from network to network, and even between sites within the same network.

Some loyalty schemes are as simple as having a VIP club, and others are more extensive, with some even having up to 16 levels! Each loyalty programme will work differently, and they’ll offer different rewards, so it’s worth understanding what’s out there before just picking one!

OhMyBingo have scoured the web for the very best loyalty scheme offers around, and we’ve compiled a lovely easy-to-read guide so you can see just what’s available from UK bingo and slots loyalty schemes.

What do Loyalty Schemes Offer?

Loyalty schemes vary, and so do the rewards they advertise. The loyalty scheme is a chance for the site to lure new players in, so their rewards should be interesting enough to catch your attention. What you get might depend on your play, your loyalty level, or a variety of other factors, but we’ve summed up a few things you might be offered.


This is usually a percentage of your losses, calculated over the past day, week, or month, depending on the site. It’s given back to you in cash, and it will either be credited automatically, or you’ll be able to claim it somewhere on the site. The percentage you get might increase as you move up loyalty levels, or cashback might be reserved for VIPs only. Some sites do offer it for players who aren’t VIPs, but this is less common, so keep an eye out for it.


This is just like cashback, but instead of cash, it’ll be given as bonus funds. These can’t be withdrawn right away; you’ll have to wager them in order to convert them to cash.

Daily/Weekly Spins

This is when a site credits you with some free spins of a slot game. The winnings from these could be in bonus or in cash, so check on the site. In some cases, they’re credited automatically by the site, but some sites will require you to log in and claim them, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Exclusive Offers

If you climb a site’s loyalty levels, you might be sent better promotional offers. These could be deposit bonuses, cashback boosters, or prize draws exclusive to higher-level players. This is particularly true once you start reaching the top few levels of a scheme.

Faster Cash-Outs

Express cash-out is a big selling point, and lots of sites offer it as a perk of climbing their loyalty levels. Whereas regular cash-outs can take up to 10 working days, some sites offer express cash-out in as little as 24 hours. Of course, some sites offer this to all players as standard, so that’s worth bearing in mind.

Spins of a Wheel

Who doesn’t love to spin a prize wheel? Work your way up the loyalty levels of certain sites and you might earn a spin of a prize wheel as a reward! Sites offer all sorts of rewards on the wheels; you could be spinning to win cash, spins, vouchers, or a number of other prizes.

How Do I Pick a Loyalty Scheme?

The first thing to consider is what kind of rewards you prefer. Do you like cashback, spins, gifts…? It’s no good joining a site that only gives away free spins if you’re not a fan of slots. Look at sites’ VIP/Loyalty pages to see what they’ll be offering to treat you with, and you’ll save disappointment later. It would be super annoying to work your way up to a good loyalty level only to discover that you’re not interested in the rewards.

Do you prefer to be rewarded little and often, or would you rather wait for a bigger treat? Look whether schemes reward you daily, weekly, monthly, or as you hit milestones, because this will help you pick a site that fits your expectation better.

Are you aiming for VIP status? Sites may tell you what their threshold is for reaching VIP, and if they do, you can compare it to other sites you’re interested in. What does the site offer VIPs? VIP rewards can become incredibly competitive between sites, so take the time to shop around for a scheme that suits you.

How Do I Move Up a Loyalty Scheme?

This really depends on the site, but the good news is, pretty much all sites will tell you how in their Loyalty/VIP or FAQ pages.

  • Sites may work out your loyalty level based on how much you’ve deposited, or by looking at your net overall, which takes into account your deposits, withdrawals, and the money left in your account.

  • Your level may also be calculated based on your wagers- the amount you’ve bet, regardless of deposits and withdrawals.

  • Both have benefits and drawbacks, and it really comes down to which way the site’s management has chosen to set up the scheme.

So how much time have you got to climb those levels? Well, that varies too. Many loyalty schemes work over a player’s lifetime, and you’ll gradually climb the levels as you go. You can’t drop down levels, which makes this way appealing, but because of this, it’s generally harder to get up to the good rewards. Of course, once you’re there, chances are, you’re there for life. Other sites prefer to run things month by month.

You might start at the bottom every month and work your way up, or you might have your current level adjusted up or down once a month based on your activity. Lots of sites do this, as it means they can reward you for your current level of play, and not spend loads of free spins on players who used to be big-timers but have barely touched their accounts in years.

Identity Checks

If you’re starting to move up the loyalty levels, don’t be surprised if the site requires extra verification from you. Try not to be annoyed by this; it feels intrusive and like the site is punishing you for playing, but that’s not the case at all.

The reason for this is to check that you’re not putting yourself at financial or emotional risk, and to protect players who are vulnerable or struggling with gambling addiction. If there are no risk concerns, you’ll pass the verification and be able to continue playing, and safety restrictions might be amended up or down on your account.

You might be asked to confirm your identity by providing ID, or it might be as simple as confirming you’re happy with your level of play. Sites also have something called “Source of Funds checks”, in which they are required by law to confirm that their players can afford to spend what they are. Most VIPs have to pass these, and again, these are to protect players and keep you safe and happy.

If you'd like to know more about Source of Funds, identity checks, and why sites ask for this info from you, check out our article, "When Sites Ask You for Documentation".

I’m VIP Material! What Will I Get?

VIP clubs are almost always invite-only, so if you think you’re hitting VIP criteria, the team will very likely spot you before too long and extend an invitation. Being top of the ladder can bring some nice perks…

A VIP Manager

Top-level players will often be assigned a VIP manager to provide personal service. They can sometimes be contacted outside of usual support hours, and you might even get a direct phone number to call or message them. Top tip- be nice to your VIP manager. They support all VIPs, but if they like you, chances are they’ll be more likely to go out of their way to whip you up something special or accommodate a tricky request. Plus, you know, they’re a person, and it’s nice to be nice!

Special Offers

Very often, VIP players will receive exclusive promotions that are only for VIPs, or they might be offered a boosted version of the standard offer going to all players. It might be boosted cashback, a special prize draw with a big prize, or just a big deposit bonus code. You might even be lucky enough to receive offers tailored specifically to your play.

Lower Wagering Requirements

If you’re playing on a site which has wagering requirements, see if they do a reduction for VIPs. Many sites will have separate, lower, wagering requirements for VIP players only. This means your bonus will convert to cash with less wagering, and you’re more likely to get it to convert if this is the case.

Faster and Bigger Cash-Outs

Express cash-out is every player’s dream! Instead of waiting for endless days for your withdrawal to process, some sites will offer VIPs super speedy cash-out. They might also allow VIPs increased deposit and withdrawal limits, above what the site usually permits. If you’re a high roller who works in big numbers, this is worth looking out for, as it can make your play more flexible and better meet your demands. Because it’s allowing more money to change hands, this sort of perk might require additional verification as mentioned above.

Gifts and Presents

Are you the kind of person who loves getting things in the post? Then a site which focuses on real gifts might suit you nicely. Some VIP teams will send out cards, flowers, hampers, or birthday presents to their VIP players! Some sites like to treat their VIPs to Easter eggs, Christmas and holiday gifts, or Valentines’ treats, so you could be getting lovely gifts in the post all year round! Get on good terms with your VIP manager, and they might even make a note of some of your important dates and events. We’ve seen VIPs be sent gifts celebrating a big win, flowers for condolences, and even wedding anniversary presents.

Events and Days Out

Sites with super dedicated VIP teams sometimes offer exclusive days out or trips away for their high rollers. It might be a special bingo night, a race day, or even a glamorous holiday or cruise! We’ve seen it all, and we’re constantly impressed by the lengths that some sites will go to to treat their top VIPs.

To Sum Up…

Loyalty schemes are like opinions- everyone’s got one, but that doesn’t mean they all interest you! Because there is so much variety in the way rewards schemes work and the perks they offer, it’s well worth shopping around to find one that fits you and your play. If you just like a little flutter now and then, you’ll want a site that rewards even non-VIP players with treats. If you’re a huge VIP on a site already, you’ll be looking for a site with a discerning VIP scheme to treat you right. When you’re browsing a new site for the first time, sure, you’ll be looking at their promotions, their welcome bonus, and their games catalogue, but don’t forget to take a look at their loyalty scheme too. If it’s perfect for you, it might cinch the deal, and you might have a new favourite site!