Where are the biggest jackpots?

Added 2019-03-14 11:14:00

Bingo sites have regular jackpots that are added to every time someone in the room buys tickets for that game. The more tickets purchased, the bigger the jackpot. But remember, the bigger the jackpot the more tickets purchased. Why did we just repeat ourselves lol? Well, more tickets purchased means a lower chance of winning...so sometimes you might fancy smaller jackpots which offer a great chance of winning.

Then you have progressive jackpots. These aren't won every game and are added to with each game that goes by. A site might choose to have a progressive jackpot in just one room, or across multiple rooms or across their whole site! A progressive jackpot is harder to win because you need to bingo in a lower number of calls...but because the jackpots are added to every game, they are often much larger. Also, some sites start the progressive jackpots off with a lump sum - amazing! Kind of like when you put some money in the middle of the Monopoly board to start the game lol, everybody's happy.

Coverall jackpots are another bingo fan favourite and give UK bingo players the chance of winning large cash prizes but also having smaller minimum payout levels in case there isn't a huge winner. Coverall jackpots are great for online bingo because they give the best of both worlds - the chance to play for big money but also an increased chance of winning a smaller prize.

With all these different jackpot types and all the bingo sites constantly tweaking their own jackpots, games and promotions, it's very difficult to name a site that has the biggest jackpots and as we explained, it's not always the best idea to hunt for the big ones. So, find a site you like, make some friends and have some fun! GL and we hope you win those exciting jackpots!