How Do Online Slots Work?

Almost everyone has seen slot games somewhere, either online, on TV, or even down the pub. But have you ever wondered how they work?

New to Online Bingo?

Well, firstly, welcome! You’re joining a huge family from all over the world, and we’re happy to have you!

What Bingo Site Should I Choose?

That’s a big question, but don’t panic - OhMyBingo is here to help! Choosing a new bingo site to play on can be scary. You want to find the site of your dreams, but with hundreds of sites all shouting for your attention, where on earth do you start?

What’s the Best Loyalty Scheme?

Wouldn’t it be boring if all sites had the same loyalty scheme? Imagine, just the same rewards across every single site… zzz.

Your Tell-All Guide to Bongo’s Bingo

We went, we saw, and we lived to tell the tale… Read what happened when the OhMyBingo team took on the world’s craziest bingo night!

What is Problem Gambling, and What Can Be Done About It?

Problem gambling is a growing concern both in the UK and worldwide. It affects people from all walks of life through many different forms of betting and gambling, and it can show itself very differently from person to person.

The Future of Bingo

Bingo has long held the reputation of being stuffy and dull; it brings to mind images of old ladies in silent village halls or nursing homes, huddled over cards as the numbers are called until someone finally wheezes “Bingo”. Well, get ready to blow the dust off, because a new kind of bingo is smashing its way into the UK!

Wagering Requirements Explained

Have you ever wondered what that little “x40” means in promotion T&Cs? Maybe you’ve heard of wagering requirements, but aren’t really sure what they are?

75 or 90 Bingo?

Whoah, fella! So you’ve heard there are different types of bingo, and you’re right on the money, but there’s more than just 75- and 90-ball!…

What Does BOGOF Mean?

This is an easy one - buy one get one free! Many bingo sites have BOGOF deals on their bingo tickets…

Where are the Biggest Jackpots?

Tough one here - where are the biggest jackpots? Well, jackpots change in type and size all the time and don't be fooled into thinking that big jackpots make a site great…

What's the Difference Between Free Bingo and Free Money?

Free bingo, free money, deposit bonus, bonus match… Yikes! If all that is sending you into a spin, then don’t worry, you’re in the right place! There are so many different types of freebie and bonus in online gaming nowadays, it can be hard to know what is what. Luckily, that’s where we step in.

Online Free Bingo for Fun, Communication and Relaxation

For centuries bingo has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It is still attracting more and more people from different countries of the world. They say that people who have played this game once, get addicted to it.

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