Which bingo site should I choose?

That’s a big question, but don’t panic- OhMyBingo is here to help! Choosing a new bingo site to play on can be scary. You want to find the site of your dreams, but with hundreds of sites all shouting for your attention, where on earth do you start?

Luckily, this is exactly why OhMyBingo exists. We scour the web for every bingo site we can find, and put them all together in one easy-to-browse place. Sites are organised into categories, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, no hassle. Picky? You should be! With so many options out there, why settle for a site that just doesn’t cut it? At OhMyBingo, we’re here to help you narrow down exactly what you want, then we’ll find you your perfect match!

Bingo, Casino, or both?

When searching for your new online home, decide first things first- what kind of games do you want to play? Are you looking for bingo only? Most bingo sites will offer a few slot games, but if all you want is bingo, you can choose a site that sets bingo as its main focus. Bingo-heavy sites will often have a wider selection of bingo rooms, and may even have different types of bingo games (like 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball, or 52-card variants). They will probably have some regular rooms that run around the clock, as well as some special rooms which only play at certain times.

If you’re here for the slots, all the slots, and nothing but the slots, a casino site might be a better fit for you. Casino sites very rarely offer any bingo games, but they’ll have a whopping range of slot games to pick from. You might get rarer games (like scratch-card games), and often there will be table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat too. There are literally hundreds of casino sites to pick from, and they vary from friendly and gentle branding to the slick top-end casino styles (if you’re feeling a bit James Bond).

Like to keep your options open? Have it both ways with one of the many sites offering both bingo rooms and slot games. Psst! If you love both bingo and slots, we’ll let you in on a secret- have you played Slingo? It’s a slot game that’s an exciting mix between bingo and slots, and we loved it! You click to spin (like a slot), and numbered balls come out, which you mark on your card (like bingo)! You’re not racing against others to fill your card, and if you’re close to a win, you can buy more spins when yours run out! Slingo isn’t available everywhere, so if it sounds like your cup of tea, have a look which sites offer it.

Did someone say freebies?

We did! If your ears prick up at the word “free”, it’s worth bearing this in mind when looking for a new site. Some sites will give you a free bonus just for signing up with them, absolutely no deposit needed. This gives you the chance to play for free and try the site before you start putting money into it. Sound like love at first sight? You can find sites that offer no-deposit bonus or spins in our No Deposit Bingo Sites section.

Flitting between sites for free sign-up bonuses is all well and good, but pretty soon you’re going to want a nice, dependable site to settle down with! Look for sites which advertise frequent freebie giveaways, like monthly free spins or tickets, or freebie-drops. The most reliable way to get regular freebies is through loyalty schemes that give rewards for playing. Have a browse through our reviews and see what’s on offer- if you find a site with a great loyalty scheme, you’re on to a winner! We’ve seen loyalty schemes give away anything from daily free spins to monthly free tickets, exclusive bingo room access, faster cash-out times, and even free invitations to VIP events! It’s definitely worth looking for one that will line your pockets with rewards from day one!

Deposit offers and promotions

First impressions matter, so look for a site which offers a stunning first deposit offer. This is the site’s chance to lure you in, so make them work hard for your membership! Don’t just settle for a site that flutters its lashes and offers you a flashy bonus match- some sites will cover up to three or four deposits in their welcome offer! This is a good hint that the site managers want you to come back and play again and again, and are willing to reward you for it. Beware sites that boast a huge welcome offer, then leave you bonus-starving for the rest of your life!

A site with regular promotions available means you’ve got a good chance of a steady flow of freebies and/or bonuses. Daily deposit offers available on the site or through emails/texts are a good sign that your bonus needs will be looked after, so keep an eye out for those. Sites may offer bonus matches (i.e. deposit £10 and get £10 bonus), free spins (i.e. deposit £10 and get 20 spins), or free bingo tickets on your deposit, or they might run regular competitions where you’ll win a prize if you come top. Find one that offers your favourite!

Don’t forget, it’s important to see how easy it is to find the promotions on these sites. No one wants to rummage across fifteen pages, crawl through the mud, and fight their way past a bear and their ex’s mother to try to find a deposit code! Check out our reviews to see which sites make their bonuses easy to find and which really don’t.

Not a fan of bonus? We hear you. Sometimes those wagering requirements are a faff, and you’d rather just not. Look for cash-only sites, and boom, you’ve got no wagering requirements. You’re welcome, and we love you too.

Theme and style

Not to be overlooked is the actual face of a site. Do you like slick, tech-looking sites that look like they’re straight from the future? Maybe you’re more into cute and cuddly fairytale-themed sites, or perhaps a tropical beach design is more your thing? Whatever you fancy, you’re bound to find at least a few sites that match it. You’re planning to relax and spend time here, you might as well like the look of the place!

Maybe it’s more about the atmosphere for you. You’ll find that some sites are super friendly and chatty, with a big Support Team presence and banter in their pages. If that sounds like your worst nightmare, you’d be better off with a site that leaves you to your own devices and just hosts the games for you. Go ahead- be selective.

Is your ideal site chock-full of pages to look at? Maybe you love all that extra info, promotions pages, and things to browse and read. If not, you’ll be after a site that keeps things clean and simple, without a load of clutter. There’s no right answer, and different sites will aim for different things, so take the time to browse and find one that matches your personality and playing style. How will you know which sites fall into which box? A quick scan of our reviews will tell you.

Big fish, small pond?

You might have noticed that there are some big differences between a huge, household-name site and a little independent site that has just sprung up. OhMyBingo can help you decide which will be the best fit for you…

Big sites often have the advantage of slicker stylings and fancy web features. If you love all the exciting features like a live progress tracker and prize wheels and such, these will be right up your street. They can often afford big prizes, and their customer service department is probably pretty polished. However, you are going to be competing with more players in the bingo rooms and in competitions, which can be frustrating. And high rollers- unless you have wads of cash to splash, you’re likely to be a small fish in a very big pond, and unfortunately you might not be noticed by, well, anyone.

A smaller site means that, if you’re VIP material, you might get noticed by the VIP department a little sooner. No guarantee of course, but it’s a possibility. Although the customer service might not be as flashy (you might not get a live chat option, for example), smaller businesses often work harder to keep your custom, and you might benefit from a more personal service if you’re lucky.

If you want somewhere in the middle, network sites are the key. To explain simply, big companies often own lots of little sites which they run together as a group, under an umbrella. These network sites are sometimes run by their own manager, giving you the more personal service, but they’re still part of a big family (like Dragonfish, Jumpman, and Virtue Fusion), meaning that you still get all the good stuff- a dedicated customer service team, and linked-up bingo rooms offering bigger jackpots.

To sum it all up…

There are tonnes of things to consider when choosing a new bingo or casino site, but exploring and deciding should be fun! Make good use of OhMyBingo’s helpful reviews and catalogues to pick a few favourites, then give them a go! You might have to try a few out to decide what you like, but that’s all part of the fun. You can be reassured that with so many options, you’re bound to find a site you fall in love with!

The simplest way to find your happily ever after is to nail down what you want from a site, then look for sites that match using OhMyBingo. Sites are listed under different categories depending on what they offer, and our handy search tool will help you narrow it down. Once you spot one you like the look of, save yourself some time by reading our review. We dish on the good, the bad, and the ugly, all to help you be sure your new site is true love!

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