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Our review of Bingonanza

Unfortunately, Bingonanza is now closed and is no longer running.

Don’t panic, we’ve got tonnes of other great bingo and slots sites for you to enjoy! Have you seen the other great Bingo Sites? Take a look now!


Bingonanza is simply put one of the best online bingo sites around, and considering the depth of their beautifully designed site they’ll be one of the biggest UK bingo sites in the future. When you sign up you’ll receive a fab 200% first deposit bonus so if you fund £10, they will triple it to £30! This can be used up to a massive £250 so you can maximise it for a massive free bingo bonus.

But it doesn’t end there, Bingonanza don’t just treat their new members well, oh no- their unique deposit rebate program enables you to get a 100% bonus on every single deposit you make going forward. You will always receive a minimum 50% bonus when you deposit to your account but as your loyalty level progresses you’ll get a higher deposit bonus. So if your balance falls below £2 and you have not requested a redemption, just click on the "Rebate" button and you will receive another 50% of your deposit in BPs! We just wish all sites had a free top-up button lol.

Bingonanza offer the choice of either 90-ball or 75-ball bingo as well as a variety of slots, video poker, pull tabs and keno. Basically it’s impossible to get bored when you’re a member of Bingonanza. There are both progressive and guaranteed jackpots which really help to spice up the rooms as you aim for that exciting bingo win.

Bingonanza are constantly adding neat new features and options. Their fantastic promotions change frequently and they feature a host of unique games. There is lots of variety, great value for money and you’ll find plenty of friendly people to hang out with. When you sign up you will be automatically enrolled in the Bingonanza 'UltraClub'. This is a unique loyalty program which offers realistically obtainable rewards and the fantastic deposit bonuses mentioned above.

They’re already an incredibly popular site and we think in the future it’s only going to get better for them – try it today for a totally refreshing online bingo experience.

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