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This site is now closed, sorry!

Our review of Bubble Bingo

Unfortunately, Bubbles Bingo is now closed and is no longer running.

Don’t panic, we’ve got tonnes of other great bingo and slots sites for you to enjoy! Have you seen the other great Bingo Sites? Take a look now!


Bubble Bingo is lovely, it's bubbly and you can babble all you like about it - it's coming soon.

Bubbles Bingo will be popping onto the scene in a colourful outburst of free bingo bonuses. Bubbly bingo players, a babbling community and lots of bubble promotions.

And the first challenge will be a Bouncing Bubbles bonus round, where you could win up to £2500 on top of your original 200% first deposit bonus.

And those reload bonuses will be special indeed – as they won't just be bonus cash, they will be tailored to each player so that you always get something you want. We're not 100% certain of the name but it could be bubble bingo, bubbles bingo, bubbly bingo...maybe even bingo bubble!

We have heard that the site will have a bubble theme, and with a bit of luck, you'll be popping those bingo balls like bubbles, as your numbers count you down ever closer to that big win.

The site will be running on the DragonFish network, which means safety, security, and potential million-pound wins at least three times a week.

With bouncy bubbly chat games where you can earn free bingo bonuses, plus £6000 in free games each month, Bubble Bingo certainly won't leave you with soap in your eye.

And if you want to hook up with your fellow bubble buddies, then make sure you sign up for team games, which play all month long, with a top prize of 1 million loyalty points.

We're keeping our eyes to the sky, and will let you know as soon as Bubble Bingo floats overhead. After all, we all love bubbles, and we all love bingo.

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