Euro Roulette

Euro RouletteEuro RouletteEuro RouletteEuro RouletteEuro Roulette
3 out of 5

Our review of Euro Roulette

Euro Roulette is a game with a difference; it’s a 3D roulette game that gives players total control of their bet. The amazing graphics in this game will keep you coming back for more and its plentiful ways to win will mean there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Chips start from 50p with Euro Roulette and you can add as many as you like on different sections on the board. You can even stack them so you can bet more when you feel lucky on your favourite numbers. You can go for more expensive chips too, playing with a value all the way up to £100, get these on your lucky numbers for huge returns.

Spinning the wheel on this game is a delight as the 3D graphics offer something new for players. All you have to do to get started is pick where you want your chips; whether its odds, evens, black, red or even your favourite number. Then click to spin and you’ll be on your way to a jackpot. You can win up to £3600 on one chip, and you can play as many as you want.

You’ll love watching the ball getting you closer to riches with this game, it’s so easy to play and simple to get started with.

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