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We've tried to make our free bingo game at OhMyBingo as simple as possible, but if you need any help, please see below for some commonly asked questions. If there's anything you need that you can't find the answer to, please don't hesitate to email us on

How does Oh My Bingo Work?

See our Getting Started page for information on how the game works.

How do I register?

That's simple, just click on the Free Bingo tab at the top of the page.

How do I get points?

You get 2000 Oh My Points when you sign up to Oh My Bingo and you can earn more points in a large variety of ways. Check out our Oh My Points section for ideas on how to gain yourself more points. There are loads of ways and remember you can buy back some OMPs with coins you've won from the free bingo game.

How do I win Coins?

At OhMyBingo coins are won by playing bingo games. You receive bingo cards in exchange for your Oh My Points. The game jackpots consist of bronze, silver and gold coins which you can then exchange for items - including Oh My Points - in the claim section of your Member Area.

How do I win real prizes?

You can redeem your coins for real prizes such as OhMyBingo merchandise, shopping vouchers and other cool stuff by making a claim in your Member Area.  However if you’re after a prize that’s worth 40 gold coins or more, our golden rule lol is that you must have claimed at least £20 of bingo cash. You don’t have to have claimed this all in one go or on one particular site. This total amount applies from the time you registered with us.  Once you've done this, you're free to claim for anything you want!

Do I have to download anything to play?

Nope, free bingo @ OhMyBingo has been designed to be as accessible as possible and can be played completely in your internet browser...easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Are all the free bingo games on OhMyBingo really completely free?

Yes, completely utterly free. Zilch. Nada. OhMyBingo will never ask you to enter your card details and you will never pay a penny to play any of our games.

Can I have more than one account?

Only one account per household is allowed. However if you live with other people that want to play you're welcome to share an account. We reserve the right to close all accounts of players who have been found to have multiple accounts, without any notice. Players with multiple accounts are prohibited from redeeming cash prizes and will have their account closed.

But I really want a second account so I can play more bingo. Please?

Definitely not, sorry. We have to be strict because of the bingo sites who support our free bingo game by allowing you to exchange your gold coins for bingo cash. They won't allow more than one account per household. We realise that this will negatively affect a small percentage of genuine players and for that we are very sorry.

Do you play chat games and if so, which ones?

Just like a regular bingo room, of course we have chat games, lol!

  1. Only Oh My Points can be won in chat games. Players cannot win coins in chat games.
  2. Our CM's are all lovely and fair so their decision is final and unfortunately cannot be disputed.
  3. If you have any problems with any of the games or rules, please contact
  4. You have to have at least one current card playing in the room that you want to play the chat game in.
  5. The maximum you can win in a day using chat games is 3000 points - this is simply to allow all players a good chance to win. Share the love!
  6. Your points will be credited within 12 hours of your win so please be patient. Don't worry, you’ll definitely get them!

Here are the chat games played in the rooms at OhMyBingo’s free bingo game:

  1. Two's Company - Pick 2 numbers between 1 & 90. When one of your numbers comes up, be the first to call TWOS in chat to start the chatgame - if you can then make it to the end of the game without your other number coming out then you scoop a lovely 250 OMPs. Unfortunately, if your other number comes up before the end of the game then you're all alone and the next game starts.
  2. Mirror Match - Pick yourself any 2 numbers between 1-90 that can be reversed (E.g. 34/43 or 25/52). When both come out, type MIRROR MATCH in chat to win the game and receive 250 OMPs. Note, you can't choose double numbers i.e. 44 is off limits!
  3. OhMyBingo Breakfast In Bed - All players pick any two numbers. The 1st player to get their numbers out and shout MORE COFFEE only and in CAPS win 100OMPs and also get 1 bacon butty point. At the end of the 2 hours the 3 players with the most bacon butties win: 1st – 1500OMPs; 2nd – 1000OMPs; and 3rd – 500OMPs on top of your chat game wins. Pick yourself a number 1-90 - first player to type LUCKY# in chat when their number is called wins 250 OMPs!
  4. Chase The Lady - Pick a number between 1-90. The lady is represented by the number 8 - once you see the lady (i.e. the first number with an in 8 that has been called) the chat game starts and the first player to type LADY in chat once their number is called (a number containing 8 has to have already been called first) catches the lady and wins the game with a prize of 250 OMPs. Double points are awarded if the first number containing 8 is 88 - that's 500 OMPs!
  5. Birthdays - Each player must give the CM his or her birthday date (or a made up one), in the DD/MM/YY format. When a player has all three of their numbers come up simply type BIRTHDAY into chat to win the game and scoop 250 OMPs.
  6. Fill That Gap: The CM types a sentence or title of something but leaves a space blank for the roomies to guess what that word is (EG: Raiders of the Lost ***). The first two roomies who guesses the blank word correctly wins 100 OMPs each.
  7. Cuddle - Everyone chooses a number between 1 and 90. When your number and the two numbers either side have been called, type CUDDLE into chat to win the game and scoop 250 OMPs. For example, if you have the number 6 then you win when 6, 5 and 7 have been called (i.e. your number is cuddled - awwww lol).
  8. Lower Buddy - This is an old school game! When the player below you in chat wins on a full house then you win the chat game and receive 250 OMPs.
  9. Upper Buddy - When the player above you in chat wins on a full house then you win the chat game and scoop 250 OMPs.
  10. Connect 4 - Choose 4 numbers in a row, e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4. If all four of your numbers are called then shout CONNECT and you win the chat game if you're the first to call and receive 250 OMPs. If you can get all your numbers before anyone wins a line, then that's fantastic news as you'll win quadruple the points - a whopping 1,000 OMPs.
  11. Three Me - it's you vs the CM! Pick 3 consecutive numbers (e.g. 11, 12, 13) and if they’'re called out before the CMs numbers, be the first to type THREE into chat and win 250 OMPs! The CM always has the numbers 1, 2, 3. If you complete your set of 3 before the CM has ANY numbers, you'll win 1,000 OMPs.
  12. Oh My High - played over the course of an hour, the player who calls bingo on the number closest to 90 wins 1,500 OMPs!
  13. Oh My Low - don't worry, low is as good as high lol! Played over the course of an hour, the player who calls bingo on the number closest to 1 wins 1,500 OMPs!
  14. Oh My Friends - ever heard of Pick-a-Pal? The full house winner picks someone in the room to receive 250 OMPs. You can't pick yourself and you have to make your selection before the next game starts.
  15. Oh My Quiz - everyone loves a bit of trivia! Easy peasy - first correct answer to the CM’s question wins 50 OMPs. Quizzes will mostly be run during Oh My High and Oh My Low hours. Note: CMs are not as scary as Anne Robinson.
  16. Three, Two, One Go - Select one number ending with 1, 2 or 3 e.g. 53 and when your number is called out yell "3-2-1 GO" plus your number to the CM for 250 OMPs. First person wins!
  17. Cat and Dog - Choose any one Cat (odd) number that is or ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 e.g. 43 and any one Dog (even) number that is or ends in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 e.g. 54. When both your numbers have come out, the player who is the first to say CAT AND DOG along with both the even and odd numbers wins 250 OMPs.

Chat Room Do's and Dont's

OhMyBingo likes to provide a friendly environment for all players so please follow the OhMyBingo Chat Room Commandments.

*put on a deep voice and read out the following*

  1. Thou shalt be courteous and friendly to all newcomers, to your fellow players and to your Chat Moderator.
  2. Thou shalt not swear.
  3. Thou shalt not argue.
  4. Thou shalt not be abusive.
  5. Thou shalt not be racist.
  6. Thou shalt not flood the chatroom with messages.
  8. Thou shalt not promote other online bingo rooms or any other websites.
  9. Thou shalt not disclose an email address or password.

*deep voice off*

And that's it, nice and easy.

Our CMs do have the authority to ban your chat privileges if you persistently break our guidelines and ignore warnings.

I really want to be a CM - can I?

If you're a fun and friendly person then why not volunteer to be an OhMyBingo CM for our free bingo game? Please email with your full name, free bingo chat name and the reasons for wanting to be a CM with us.

What's this Daily Lottery I keep hearing about?

Every day you'll automatically enter our daily lottery, which will include a random number of OMPs for free. This amount can be increased by using coins to purchase the Daily Lottery Upgrades available in the claim shop in your Member Area.

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