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This site is now closed, sorry!

Our review of House Of Bingo

Unfortunately, House of Bingo is now closed and is no longer running.

Don’t panic, we’ve got tonnes of other great bingo and slots sites for you to enjoy! Have you seen the other great Bingo Sites? Take a look now!


House of Bingo is a cool theatre-themed site with a great selection of games for you to choose from. It's so easy to sign up... That's always a good start! You will also get a 300% first deposit bonus. And if you still want more free stuff then you've come to right place - House of Bingo offer free bingo every single day!

So we know House of Bingo offers some fantastic start-up promotions, but what about the bingo I hear you ask! Well, there are three great variations of Bingo (90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo and Speed Bingo i.e. 30 Ball Bingo). They are actually one of the first UK bingo sites to offer the option of 30 ball bingo/speed bingo. The difference with this game is the maximum number of calls is 30 and it is played on a 9 square (3x3) bingo board. This means that you can get more games per hour playing speed bingo. So you've got more chances to win those exciting jackpots!

House of Bingo offer instant Games including Video Slots, 3 Reel - Wild / Multiplier Slots, 3 Reel - Five Line Slots, 3 Reel - One Line Slots, Side Games etc. The list is endless!

Unlike many of the sites on the Cozy Games platform you can access chat straight away, even if you haven't as yet deposited into your new bingo account. Actually the only difference between a new player and a depositing player is that as a new player you can only buy a maximum of 15 cards and in the chat user list you will have a smiley face next to your name rather than a crown.

House of Bingo has a fantastic sense of community in the chat rooms. Votes from the roomies combined with the Chat Host Votes will be tallied to give the prestigious title of "Roomie of the Week Award". That person will have their account credited with £20 bonus points. The most popular chat games are Under and Over, Lucky 7's, Mirror Mirror, Connect 4, 3's a Crowd, Bed & Breakfast and Time Bomb. These games are played 24/7 and there are guaranteed extra bonuses for playing them and we think they're all great fun!

The promotions at House of Bingo are fantastic too. In the weekly promotion month you could be walking away with a fantastic brand-spanking-new laptop - great for playing more online bingo. The weekend promotions are great too - with £250 Coverall Games scaling down to a guaranteed £50, 1p - 5p and Free Bingo Games plus Mini Slots tourney with a £150 prize pot. So basically there's always tonnes of fun to had at House of Bingo!

House of Bingo provides hours and hours of tantalising bingo entertainment for everyone - arrange a visit to the House of Bingo and let us know what you think!

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