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3 out of 5

This site is now closed, sorry!

Our review of Little Big Bingo

Unfortunately, Little Big Bingo is now closed and is no longer running.

Don’t panic, we’ve got tonnes of other great bingo and slots sites for you to enjoy! Have you seen the other great Bingo Sites? Take a look now!


What's online bingo at Little Big Bingo like? Well, the clue is most definitely in the name. Little ticket prices and big jackpots are the theme at Little Big Bingo and what UK bingo fan wouldn't like that?! They have 1p, 2p and 5p rooms open 24 hours a day so you really can spend a little and win big. To start you off, you'll get a big bonus - £20 free play, that's a 200% first deposit bonus!

Turn pennies into pounds when playing either 75 ball or 90 ball UK bingo and you'll see how this site sets itself apart from the rest. The chat moderators are excellent and there are a large number of chat games that will keep you entertained for hours. Now, onto the big's a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot every Friday night for size?! You can pre-buy your cards for the Penny Power £1000 guaranteed jackpot special which takes place at 9pm every Friday. £1,000 must be won!


The great thing about Little Big Bingo is their daily Lucky Penny games with guaranteed jackpots. Running every 2 hours every single day, they have guaranteed jackpots ranging from £20 to £50 with card prices at just 1p! Tuppance Treats starts at 3.30pm and the jackpots are slightly larger with the card prices just 2p. Great chat moderators mean great chat games and great chat games mean the natural thing would be to have a chat game party! Every Saturday night is party night at Little Big Bingo. Special party chat games with more Penny Points than you could possibly ever ask for! Make sure you're not hung-over from the party though lol, because Sundays at Little Big Bingo are Super Sundays with double chat game Penny Points in every room in the evening.

Little Big Bingo used to be called Think Bingo Cosy and before that it was Think Bingo Plus. Think Bingo decided to make the site completely separate and so Little Big Bingo was born. We think it was a great move - it would have always been in Think Bingo's shadow but now it can flourish and the players have quickly created their own identity.

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