An Oh My Bingo Christamas Carol

Added 2012-12-09 15:07:56

Get them 1 line points paid out Chet. Not an omp more not an omp less" Came the cry from OM-BEN-eezer Scrooge. It was the 24th of December and all poor Chet wanted was to go home to her family. Finally 9pm came and Chet was allowed home. "See you boxing day OM-BEN-eezer" "Yes and don't be late" he replied.

OM-BEN-eezer had became a  work focused individual and cared nothing more than to get people in and click those links get em out and back again tomorrow for more clicks. Setteling down at 10pm ready to dream about his clicks he was a sleep within minutes. Suddenly he was awoken by an eerie sound. His former worker James was suddenly in front of him  in spirit form he warned OM-BEN-eezer "he would be visited tonight by 3 spirits (and not of the alchoholic type) tonight".

Bah humbug scowled OM-BEN-eezer and dropped back of to sleep. Suddenly he was awoken again only this time by a ghost with a pleasent smile. He was picked up and whisked away to somewhere he recognised. He was looking at a younger version of himself from 3 years ago.

The young OM-BEN-eezer was rushing around the office tweaking the site and excitedly telling each and everyone "merry christmas". "I can't believe its christmas already, I have great plans for this site over the coming year all of you pack up your things and have an early dart"

The ghost of christmas past looked at OM-BEN-eezer and asked "do you remember these times?" "yes" he replied "but the site was not so busy then, and besides its up to me what I want to do" with that everything wooshed and OM-BEN-eezer found himself back alone in his lonely bed.

A little while later OM-BEN-eezer was woken up again by the same wooshing sound from earlier this time it was a ghost with a much grumpier looking face. He was whisked in a whirl of smoke and noise and found himself at Chets house. Chet was just coming through the door and says to her husband "where is the little man?" her husband replied "had to take him to bed he was worn out, we waited as long as we could to put santas cookie and milk out" "Oh I am sorry we had some important work to do for old OM-BEN-eeze" she said "I told him you was very busy and that you would make sure Rudolph got his carrot"

"what messages are you getting here OM-BEN-eezer" asked the ghost "The work did need doing though" he replied. As before OM-BEN-eezer found himself in back in his lonely old house. "very strange this lot" he thought to himself.

A little while later and a quick 40 winks OM-BEN-eezer was awoken for the final time that night, this time by a horrible looking ghost all haggered and chains wrapped around it. Whisked away once more he was in his office at some future point. Watching himself he noticed it was veryquiet and noone was around. He was sat idly click the computer. He moved closer to see what the future OM-BEN-eezer was doing at the pc and he was on ohmybingo there was only OM-BEN-eezerin the chat box and a load of hello's all on their own single line and typed by OM-BEN-eezer.

OM-BEN-eezerturned to the ghost and says "what has happenend? what have I became?"

Suddenly he was whisked back to the present "right" he thought to himself for a second then phoned Chet "Hi Chet, I'm sorry its early but Merry Christmas" Chet was taken aback "Thank you" "Don't bother coming in Boxing day and have a pay rise" he put the phone down "right now for this site" he muttered to himself and threw open the chatbox window "merry christmas omb'ers the ipod's back the amazons are back the wii is back and gold cost 50 silvers"

this online bingo story bares no resemblance to real life :P dont take offence its just a joke ;)