An OhMyBingo Healthy Addiction

Added 2011-04-20 09:42:54

I did a mental addition today and worked out i have saved lots of money since i've come across OhMyBingo. I use to spend a hell of a lot in land bingo and online bingo. Occasionally, to a worrying amount.

Suffering with depression on and off all my life there have been times where i have blown a lot of money to get that buzz. Having only myself to look after no one else suffered, but i did leave myself struggling to get by. This wasn't a regular occurance just every now and then. For example if it was a particular low mood week, i'd go to bingo everyday, spend around 50 quid a night and then play online bingo aswell. The gambling buzz is quite thrilling but the low when u realise just how much you have lost is awful.

I'm a lot better now, although i could never have called myself an addict just an occasional binger. OhMyBingo has been somewhat of a saviour. I get my bingo buzz here and have no consequences to how much bingo i play. So whenever i feel miserable these days i come on here, i'm instantly cheered up, with chat and the bingo thrill and i've still got the money for my rent! :) xxxxx