Oh My Bingo Feast Chat Game Ideas

Added 2012-01-06 12:23:05

Hi roomies, I've been trying to think of some new chat games for us to play in ticketyboo. In our free online bingo room to help pass the day away with even more fun. Well here's what I came up with this morning during early bird hour....... I have two different ideas so could you please let me know what you think and which you prefer. 

The Oh My Bingo Feast. Pick yourself 3 numbers, One is your starter, one is your main course and one is your dessert. When all your numbers are out shout I'm Full Thanks to win yourself 250 omps. Thats the first.

The second idea is exactly the same with a little twist on it like we do with Three. For example the cm could pick a number thats the fly in your soup, You pick three numbers as your starter, main course and desert. When your numbers are out Type Swat I'm Full and if the cm's number is out before all your own numbers you get 250 omps but if you have all your numbers out before cm's number you win 1000 omps. I think this could really work and think the roomies would like it too.

Finally can I just say Happy Belated New Year to you all and thanks for the extra OMPs for the news post :)