OhMyBingo is good for your health

Added 2011-06-21 12:57:34

As we all love playing here at  OhMyBingo, and lots of us spending hours here playing i have come up with some good reasons why  OhMyBingo is good for our health.

1. Well as we know too much sun is not good for us so by staying in doors and playing bingo we will be looking after our skin and have less wrinkles.

2. We are getting lots of exercise or at least our finger are from all of the chatting we do.

3. Oh my bingo is good for our figures as we are far too busy playing bingo that we forget

to go and eat.

4. Seeing all of the numbers flying about and reading all of the chat is keeping our brains active.

5. Think of the money that we are saving by playing here since it is free. So less worries.

6. You can burn off 1.3 calories a minute laughing, also laughing is a relief from emotional stress.

7. Think of all of the free bingo money that we have redeemed for paying sites and the wins that we have had that have made us so happy.

So the next time that you say to your self that you have sat playing here for too long remember all of the reasons why oh my bingo issssssss good for your health.