The Foxylicious Game

Added 2011-08-12 11:01:38


I guess a lot of you are members of Foxy online Bingo, and that you may play the free games, well I have just found out, that they are doing a promotion, where if you play in the £250 Foxylicious free game, played every day at 1.30pm, and if you are in the room from 1pm, then you can get "spotted" by a CM. If you are fortunate enough to be one of the five players spotted in the room each day of that week, your user name will be posted on the site, on Friday, and ,then five of these players will be picked at random to win a Hamper full of goodies including Foxy Bingo and Smooth Radio goodies like perfume and chocolates etc., the other players who are not chosen for the hamper, will receive £10 bonus cash each,but you have to email them as soon as you can, as you only have until the monday to claim.

How good is that, I think this is a very good promotion, but must admit you would have to be very lucky to get spotted, as there are literally hundreds of players in the room, and as soon as the game starts, everyone goes crazy with the chat, it can make you quite dizzy, watching it as it goes so fast lol.

I would also like to say that the actual game, is a 75 ball coverall, and that there are hundreds more players that are not in chat with tickets too, so if you manage to win this, then you can consider yourself, and extremely lucky person.

So Good Luck To You All