10 Free Lotto Lines When You Join Rollover Bingo

Added 2012-08-09 08:32:14

There is only one game that is more exciting than bingo, and we reckon it's the National Lottery. So combine these two exceptionally exciting activities in one at Rollover. That's because Rollover is the only site to give you FREE lines on the national lottery every time you spend £5 on bingo cards. Read more.

Lines are rewarded every 24 hours, and you go into a syndicate with 49 other players. This means your lines are dished out between you and 49 other players – when you win, they win, and when they win, you win. Get a five ball match or above, and your syndicate will share the cash, but if you get a three or four ball win with your own personal numbers, you get the amount paid out in bonus points. And, the weekend is awesome when it comes to jackpot action as well – on Friday nights at 9 PM you can win £2500, and on Saturday at 9 PM, that total increases to a smashing £5000.

Join Rollover today to double your cash, and for up to 10 free Lotto lines. What a welcome.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.