10 grand game at Bingo Me Happy

Added 2010-12-17 13:37:34

bingo me happy have there big game next week on the 22nd of december come round pretty quick really its on the dragon fish software so you may have already noticed this game on another site as there is plenty of them around. the game will be played at 9.05pm and they will be paying out as

2000 pounds for the line      3000  pounds for the 2 lines and a great 5000 pounds for the full house

the tickets are really expensive though so not sure if many of you will take part in the game as the ticket prices are 10 pounds each is wow a lot of money just for a game of bingo lol. especially when you compare it to other sites which pay out either the same or a bit more for like loads more cheaper lol like moon for instance only 1p a ticket on new years. al so this weekend thy are offering 75% re deopsit bonuses and you are allowed 5 deposit with the code MY75 rember in caps to this code ends on the 19th of december so a couple of days time. gl to every one win big especially if ou play the biggy lol