10 great reasons to play free bingo at Oh My Bingo

Added 2010-09-16 17:01:38

hi guys n girls just thought i would share my ten reasons why i play oh my bingo and why it is my favourite online bingo site : ) ) )

1. it is free free free nothing to pay and a lot to gain

2 . fab prizes ( with xmas nearing them prizes will help )

3 . the people who play on this site are just great

4 . some of the best cms around always friendly and welcoming

5 . oh my bingo behind the scenes team who make are bingo possible and are always there to help

6 . variety and loads you can do to contribute to the site ( jokes and recipes )

7 . fab ways of getting your lastest news on new bingo sites and bonusus to use on them sites

8 . competions to win some great stuff

9. extras like member of the week and month cool prizes to be won wether it is bingo cash or oh my bingo points

10 . easy to use site and every thing laid out so it is user friendly

well they are my reasons for being a oh my bingo addict what are yours? ?