10 interesting Bingo facts

Added 2013-07-29 09:10:46

1. The earliest recorded game of bingo was in 1778 and known as lotto  used as a teaching aid to help children with multiplication

2. Lotto took off in America in a big way where it was known as "Beano" until one over enthusiastic player accidentally shouted "Bingo" - and the name stuck!

3. Americans spend 90 million dollars a week on bingo

4. Women who are called Margaret win bingo more often than women with any other name

5. The majority of bingo players are also cat and dog lovers

6. The biggest ever win was £5.9 million in December 2012 ....it was for a 30p stake!!!

7. Some members of the Royal Family are known to enjoy a game of bingo

8. Worldwide there are 100 million bingo players

9. 80% of online bingo players are women between 30 an 50

10. Most players play to socialise and have fun ,with only 5% playing purely to win