1000 Jackpot Game

Added 2016-01-26 11:21:53

hi all just another rant from me lol....i dont know if anyone else played the free 1000 jackpot game on saturday night...what a let down. i purchased me free tickets and decided to go in the room just before the big event at 9pm saturday night... it was billed

as a free 1000 jackpot paying 125 for 1line 200 for 2 lines and a big 300 for the fh...there was also 125 to be shared between

all 3tg winners another 125 for 2tg and a further 125 for 1tg...not bad i thought......well as i entered the room i thought

my chances were a bit limited as there were just under 5 thousand people with tickets lol..still i thought id watch the game.

the one line went very quick as did the 2 lines...oh well just the 300 will do i thought...then i had an amazing run of numbers on oone

ticket....im down to 2tg of one ticket with a further couple on 3tg..not bad i thought. at least i will get a small share of the 2tg and the 3tg prizes....wrong..............all of a sudden surprise surprise the game crashes lol.......i managed to get back into the room a few mins later along with hundreds of others..the chat went mad...what happened, who won,,i had 2 x 1tg said 1 lady...im sure it

will be sorted soon said another and our accts credited by morning said another..wrong again...ive just logged on and

guess what....my balances are still on a big fat zero..furthermore i went into my history to check on the jackpot game and

low and behold it now says i never even played bingo yesterday....a rip off....will let u decide xx