£100K Giveaway For Foxy

Added 2012-02-15 16:23:21

Foxy Bingo makes history with jackpots totalling £300,000. The nation’s favourite bushy tailed bingo host, Foxy Bingo, today announces the biggest jackpot giveaway in the history of the online gaming site.  Foxy Bingo will be hosting three games, each with a jackpot of £100,000 on three successive Fridays in February.  Any funded player will be eligible for free entry into the £100,000 jackpot games. 

At 9pm on Friday 17th February, 24th February and 2nd March, Foxy Bingo will be adding a life changing one hundred big ones to the bank balance of one lucky bingo fan. 

Mark Segal, Foxy Bingo, said; “We take pride in offering our players the best in online bingo and the most exciting of prizes.  These £100k giveaways are the latest in a long line of game-changing prizes from Foxy Bingo and we are excited for our players to get involved.” 

Foxy added, “Part of the fun here at FoxyBingo.com is keeping things fresh and mixing things up.  No one has ever won £100,000 in the history of Foxy Bingo so I can’t wait!” 

Anyone who fancies the chance of winning one of the three historic £100k giveaway prizes can find out more at FoxyBingo.com.