100th Birthday Party For Fred

Added 2012-02-07 16:37:28

Several years ago me and my partner decided to go to bingo so on arriving we bought our books and was suddenly surprised it was a celebration night for someones birthday, on enquiring we were told it was to celebrate old fredsbirthday. Now can you imagine fred played bingo five nights a week .

The bingo hall was covered in balloons and banners and a huge 100th birthday cake , old fred was sat in the middle of the bingo hall with his pipe in his hand and marker in the other hand ,boy he was ready to celebrate with a huge win tonight.

Eyes down we were ready to play bingo a member of staff stood near fred just in case he called out and nobody heard and kept his drink topped up as he enjoyed his tipple being an ex-sailor and lived through two wars so had many stories to tell,well first session passed with no win for fred and also us, never mind they decided to cut freds cake followed by more drinks to celebrate, happy smiles everywhere.

Second half began and it seemed everybody was winning except fred so last full house was called for second session for abreak  the bingo caller john called out, how you doing fred, there was no response well there was a deadly silence in the bingo hall.

The manager was called while staff and customers sat in silence what has happened, after several attempts to get freds attention a decision was made to call an ambulance,that ten minute wait seemed everlasting especially in that silence and everybody whispering,anyway the ambulance crew arrived and told everybody to sit down while they checked fred, at this point his heading tilted forward ,the paramedic went to feel freds pulse, at this fred opened his eyes; Has bingo finished, was his first reaction well there was a huge sigh of relief and hands clapping.

Fred smiled put his pipe to his mouth and said ,did i win.