10K Red Carpet Game at Diva Bingo

Added 2013-05-16 07:57:44

You would only expect Red Carpet treatment from Diva Bingo, and that's why this super-sized jackpot is so alluring. Tickets are on sale now for the Red Carpet game which is taking place in early June.

The prize amount is truly staggering – cover one line to win £2000, two lines to win £3000, and the full house is £5000. Tickets cost from just 2p each, which is practically unheard of for such a big-money game. Read more.

In a few days, darling divas will be settling down to win a Luxury Kitchen Set. This game plays on May 25 at 10 PM, and tickets are 10p. Get lucky here, and you'll win a Bosch multipurpose food-processor, a Bosch microwave, and Bosch coffee maker – bish bash bosh indeed.

And each and every week you deposit £40, you get to drop the Kachinga coin. This is a fun coin drop game, but it has a serious side too – if you get lucky, 1 million points could be yours.

So come on ladies, dive into Diva now and spin that wheel – it's numbered from £10 to £2500. You can even have a test spin before you go for the real thing – let's keep our fingers crossed it lands on the maximum amount.

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