10k Red Carpet Game Plays Tomorrow at Bingo Giving

Added 2013-06-06 07:57:50

There is a jolly good reason why Bingo Giving is called so, but I'll come to that in just a moment. Firstly, you may want to grab your little black dress for the Red Carpet Game. This is playing tomorrow, June 7 at 9 PM, and has an incredible £10,000 guaranteed jackpot. Click here.

You will certainly be living the high life if you win the full house – it's an astonishing £5000. Cover two lines to win £3000, and one line to win £2000. Tickets are on sale right now and cost £1 – that's a tiny investment to make for such a potentially large reward.

And how would you like to become a millionaire? A points millionaire, that is. Play the Kachinga coin drop game, and you could be winning 1 million bonus points. To qualify, you need to top up your account with £40 minimum each week, then it's time to Drop the Coin. If it lands lucky, you'll be taking receipt of 1 million points.

And now, onto the charitable nature of this most generous of UK bingo sites. Every month, Giving donate to a different charity, and this time round, it's Carers UK. Help them raise hundreds of pounds for this most worthwhile cause by signing up today.


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Written by Tracy Garnett.