11111 quid on offer at Moon Bingo for new year

Added 2010-12-17 13:38:38

moon ingo have a staggering £11,111 to be won on the 1st day of next year so new years day lol. and suprisingly the tickets are only 1p each so this game is deffo not one to be missed out on and you can prebuy your tickets now for the game if your going to be visting family or busy that day. also there is plnety of other guarentedd games you can play here to theres the treasure trove which is 10 p a ticket and you can win 100 pounds guarenteed thats on a wednesday night every week at 9pm, every saturday at 9pm theres 500 pounds guarenteed to the ticket price is 15 pence.

so the Moon Bingo new years game is deffo a cheapy compared to some of the other big games but there is plenty to play here and if you havent al ready signed up to moon bingo which probs you all have with the comps running at tho mo but if not you get a great 300% bonus on your 1st deposit to the site and if you know any mates you can refer you will get a tenner from that to if they are to make a deposit so get reffering ya buddies to gl allespec for the biggy game if you will be taking part