15 Network Monthly Tuesday Free 1K Game

Added 2016-10-05 14:10:30

Well well well they have done it again all players have entered this free game and can you blame them it is free after all. However how come is it open to everyone not the regular players who deposit weekly etc. What is the 15 Network gaining with this game. I bet it will infuriate the regular depositing players. You will lose a lot of regular players over this who thinks up these promotions they have as much ideas as a brainless monkey. 

You don't make it for players who have only deposited in the last 7 days. You have made it more and more difficult to cash out by limiting it to two a day and five a week. However you cannot withdrawal when you have two pending so I ask again what are you gaining.

As an online player of 20 years I have never known a network that seems too want to infuriate its loyal regular players. It does not matter if you deposit £5 a week or £5000 your still a depositor who gains nothing when every free game is open too all.

You have lost a major player roll on the 5 Nov when the VIP game plays then I can self exclude myself as I don't intend to spend another penny at any of the 15 Network Sites.

You need to sack your promotions team and employ someone with a brain who can think of how to gain and keep players not making them leave in droves.


Oh and not forgetting Oh My Bingo where has the free points wheel gone...!