150 precent bonus today at foxy bingo

Added 2011-04-30 10:09:37

At foxy bingo today to celebrate the royal wedding weekend when you make your first deposit of the day you will receive 150% deposit bonus. So if you deposit £10 you will have £25 to play with.

I love playing at foxy bingo and in the past i have been lucky enough to have a few withdrawals.

There are 3 free rooms at foxy bingo, one room plays every 30 mins with pots of £25 another room plays every hour with a pot of £50 and the 3 rd room also plays hourly with a pot of £100. These rooms are very busy, as yet i have never had a win from any of these rooms but i will keep trying.

Tonight there is a big game playing at foxy bingo where you can win a £5000 holiday for the full house 1 line is £200 and 2 lines is £500.

So i think that i might just break my golden rule of only making one deposit of £10 a week and deposit at foxy and buy some tickets for tonight's big game.

Good luck to any one from oh my bingo that play at foxy, but i dont want to share to top prize lol i want the holiday all to myself.