17 OhMyBingo trophies

Added 2011-06-17 09:09:58

17 trophies i now have wooo lol and OhMyBingo just keep adding them lol.. well i thought i was close to getting alot of trophies then there was trophies for how many tickets you bought lol i had no idea i have bought as many as 50k worth of tickets lol and they want me too buy 2 millions worth lol..

I have got an OhMyBingo Member of the Month first which i am happy about as that is 1 of the rare ones to get i think out of all of them but i think there seems to be a problem with certain trophies lighting up. I know someone said that they got a hatty and no trophy lite up and also someone said that the window sticker did not light up too. My window sticker one has lit up but i did get it a while ago now but i am not to sure about the hatty one as i have still never got a hatty lol.. I had a problem with the member of the month and i emailed support and they sorted it for me and lit it up :)

I wish you all good luck on filling your trophy cabinet and hope you all win big :) xxx