18 golds until my OhMyBingo camcorder

Added 2011-07-09 19:12:39

I can't believe I am only 18 golds away from my camcorder now. I am so excited as i have been saving for a long time and i have only seen pictures of it and i have not yet held it lol. I have heard a lot from tickle about how great it is she also said that i need to get a bigger memory for it which i shall do as i like to have a lot of memory.

I think that this will be my hardest part as i will find it hard to get the last few golds because i remember cm_tickleikkle before she purchased her camcorder from the ohmybingo shop she was awaiting 10 golds and i remember her saying it was the hardest ones to get lol as they seem to take forever and Pete just aint on your side lol.

Please please Pete let me win my 18 golds then i can send of for my camcorder and be sure to get it before my break away lol.

How many golds have you got and have you nearly got enough for the prize you want? I wish you all good luck in saving for prizes and i wish myself good luck too as i hope it won't be long now lol xxxx