1k Giveaway at Posh Bingo

Added 2011-04-14 17:13:42

Hi all just thought you would all like to know that posh bingo is going to be holding a game where you can win one thousand pound! 

Posh bingo will be celebrating it's second birthday on the second of April on the 17th there will be 5 presents waiting for the palyers.  You can buy the cards from only 2p each the max cards you can buy is 96. There will be a prize for just getting down to 2tg for that you will win a share of 50 pound and if you are lucky enough to get down to 1tg there will be a prize fund of 75 pound shared with the players you got down to 1tg.

The prize for covering one line you will win you will win £150 and for two lines you will win £225 and the full house winner will recive £500!

I think this is a really good promotion and will give it a shot it is a good that you still win something just for having 2tg i have been on the site a few times i like it and they have good promotions on all the time anyway i hope you all found the useful good luck to all. :)