1p Tickets for 3k Cash Bash at Bingo Giving

Added 2013-03-09 17:27:56

Well done, roomies – this month, you've helped Bingo Giving raise hundreds of pounds for the Air Ambulance Service. Every month, Giving donate to a different charity, and players are allowed to nominate their favourite good causes.

In the past, Bingo Giving have donated to some wonderful charities including Friends of the Elderly, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  Read more about it here.

To celebrate Easter, Giving are giving you the chance to win a £3000 guaranteed jackpot in the Easter Cash Bash. This huge game is taking place on March 30 at 10 PM, with tickets just £1. Giving are being particularly generous with this one – if you play at selected times throughout the month, you can win tickets for this game for just 1p. Ask a friendly chat moderator for details.

What about the chance to win 1 million points? You can do this by playing Kachinga – the exciting coin drop game at Giving. To qualify, top up your account with a minimum of £40, drop your coin, and if you get extra lucky, 1 million points could be yours.

For four days of free bingo when you join, and a 200% bonus match, get along to Giving now and discover a new way to feel great.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.