1st deposit bonus at Bingo Playground

Added 2010-05-14 16:23:53

bingo playground are giving from free cash out wen you join them or a 300 % on your 1ts deposit i cnt rember how much free cash there are giving out tho and you have to deposit be4 you can with draw any thing you win witch was a shame from me as i had won over £200 on there an could not take any off it out as i had not deposited  and dont go over 30 £  with out depositing as they will not let you take any thing you have won with the free cash over £30  with out 1st deposting think thats a lil silly and unfair but we all know wot most off the bing sites are like now and they donr give any thing out for free hope you and joy playing bingo playground if you play it that

is o and if i rember you can not right in chat inless you have deposited as well witch yet agen unfair  hope i have ginven anuf info on the bingo site



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