1TG Winners Love Thursday Bliss at Posh Bingo

Added 2012-12-27 08:28:58

How was it for you, darlings? I played  at Posh on Christmas Day, and it was delight to watch another roomie win £2000 for just 50p. More big money games are on the way, in the form of the £5000 Sparkling New Year game. This takes place on Tuesday January 1, and three players are going to spit a hefty 5K. The full house winner will walk away with £2500, two lines is £1500, and £1000 will go to the one line winner. Read more.

Tickets cost £1, or you can earn them free with every 500 points you collect. Get busy and earning freebies in loads of glamorous ways – for instance, email Posh and tell them what dream you want to come true in 2013 to win points. Also you earn points every time you call a full house on the champagne glass pattern. Hic!

And lucky you, you're just in time for the £500 Thursday Bliss game at 8 PM. Win a share of £500 for just 25p – the full house winner will swan off with £100, and £400 is doled out to the players who finish with one number left on the card.

Discover glamour and sophistication at Posh – sign today for a 250% welcome bonus, then it's party party party all the way to New Year's Eve.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.