2 points away from my OhMyBingo mug

Added 2011-07-17 13:57:28

I recently found out that if i'd filled in all my details when i first logged on then i would have recieved a free mug! I was gutted as i collect random mugs and i have been trying to win coins for the OhMyBingo Mug for months now. Last night i was finally able to turn some more silvers into another gold.....2 gold now....2 more before i get my mug....

I wanna play all day and all night so i can achieve my goal! Ppl would be more excited about going for the main big prizes but not meeee....i just want my OMB mug....Easter time is one of the best for me bigging up my collection...I also reieved a free mug from a sports store other day for buying a coat online but to much sadness when the free gift arrived the handle was broken. i was devastated. it would have been a great one to add to my collection. i did email them asking if i could have another but it would have been in the top 10 of my favourite ones! we shall see :) So everyone you have to wish me luck for me reaching my 4 coins so i can walk around with my omb mug :)