20 Free Lottery Lines When You Join Rollover Bingo

Added 2011-10-31 15:25:54

Roll up, roll up to Rollover Bingo. This fabulous online bingo site is the only site to give you FREE lines on National Lottery every time you buy bingo tickets. It's a match made in heaven -- all the fun and excitement of online bingo, combined with the chance of scooping a lottery fortune. For every £5 you spend on bingo cards, Rollover reward you with one free line on the national lottery. Lines are rewarded every 24 hours, and you are entered into the next approaching lottery draw.

And here’s where it gets good. Your lines are dished out to you as part of a syndicate of 49 other people. That means your lines are split between 49 others. If you or anybody else in your syndicate gets a five ball match or more, you share the winnings via a cheque. However, if your own personal numbers get a three or four ball win, Rollover Bingo still pay out the full amount in bonus points, but you get it to keep to yourself. Hundreds of people have already won big money playing Rollover Bingo like this -- will you be next?

Register today to get £20 in free bingo money, and 20 free lines on the lottery -- you can't say no to that, can you?

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Written by Tracy Garnett.